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In what ways do Romeo and Juliet stand out as Characters?

In one of the most recognised plays of all time “Romeo and Juliet” would have to have characters that stand out and make the audience feel as if they have known these people for more “the two hours of the stage”. This play makes you experience real emotions for the characters by putting them in a situation, which seems so real because it’s about love, a thing that most of us have experienced at one time or another.

One thing that strikes oneself when reading the start of the play is how the parents treat their children. Both sets are obviously very rich, so maids or servants care for them leaving bonds between parent and child restricted. This has certain effects on them so when the parents do try and talk its extremely difficult. Romeo’s parents distance themselves from him, as they do not completely understand him. This forces them to have his cousin Benvolio, the person closest to Romeo to try and keep track of his whereabouts and feelings

LM “O where is Romeo? Saw you him today?”

B “Madam, an hour before the worshipped sun…”

This is why they let him roam with a fair amount of freedom and hope that his cousin is good enough for him. Romeo though has other plans, and looks towards the friar for comfort and often to solve his problems too.

The Capulet family have a different approach to treating their daughter, even though they do tend to distance themselves they still keep her very controlled and close to them because as their only heir to the family fortune they don’t want her to get into unnecessary trouble and would guard her chastity very tightly. Here the father, a very demanding figure wants her to marry Paris only for the reason that he is a rich man and if they wed then their financial status will be secured

“In all respects by me; nay more, I doubt it not.

Wife, go you to her ere you go to bed,

Acquaint her here of my son Paris’s love,

And bid her-mark you me-on Wednesday next.”

Of course by her fathers actions she acquires rebellious ways but these backfire with disastrous consequences when she speaks of her troubles to her father concerning her wish not to marry Paris

C “And you be mine, I’ll give you to my friend;

And you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets.”

She naturally strays from her father because of his arrogance and steers clear of the mother because of her juvenility, inaccessibility and coldness

LC “(talking about Juliet) This is the matter. Nurse, give leave a while,

We must talk in secret. Nurse, come back again.”

So she keeps close to her Nurse. The Nurse being a caring having lost a child herself but sloth like in her duties. Juliet relates to her as her own mother by asking for advice and the nurse obviously feels the same way as she goes and chases up Romeo and interrogates him like any mother would upon finding out Juliet’s love for him. She also is prepared to lie and play dangerously for Juliet as she cares for Juliet’s feelings very much

Romeo is melancholic which is plain to see when Benvolio is explaining to Romeo’s parents about his recent activities

“And gladly shunned who gladly fled from me.” He tries to shadow this by being alone much of the time. In a recent Hollywood adaptation of the play Romeo is seen writing some poetry, about mostly his rejected love for Rosaline and this sums up his character well

“And private in his chamber pens himself,

Shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out.”

Further proof about his melancholic personality trying to be hidden is his use of language in a conversation. Romeo is very sharp and can talk himself out of an uncomfortable situation whenever he feels like it. He has no willingness to make friends either, especially as the friends he knows now are far much less intelligent than him causing him to be fed up with people. He sometimes mocks the other person’s intelligence as we can see with Benvolio here

R “Dost thou not laugh?”

B “No, coz, I rather weep.”

R “Good heart, at what?”

B “At thy good heart’s oppression.”

Another good example of his sharpness,

“Not I, believe me. You have dancing shoes with nimble soles, I have a soul of lead.”

Romeo’s personality does change though but only when he is around his love Juliet. His language changes to a positive state and we can see this when he uses hyperbolic sentences

“Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,

Having some business, do entreat her eyes

To twinkle in their spheres till they return.”

There is also evidence that he doesn’t think that much of himself but many people think he is testing her intelligence with verbal games and he clearly enjoys it as no one else really understands him like her. Here he says that he is nothing compared to Juliet, her hand is a shrine and Romeo is a pilgrim

“If I profane with my unworthiest hand

This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this,

My lips two blushing pilgrims…”

Destiny and being star-crossed lovers bring these two together. Destiny plays a heavy part in Shakespeare’s day (as the theory went that the stars controlled everyone and no one could prevent or change their future.) So idea is featured heavily in the relationship between the two as the stars features many times in the conversations

R “Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,” Shakespeare seems almost obsessed with foreshadowing the tragedy that will eventually engulf these “star-crossed lovers” and involves other people to predict it too

FriL “And thou art wedded to calamity.”

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