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Aborting Fetuses

Nowadays, many young people use drugs because they are pressured by their friends. Others use drugs because they think it is fun and cool. Couples who use fertility drugs should have the option of aborting fetuses. Because pregnant mothers take risks while using drugs, couples that are addicted are not really capable of taking care of their babies and many of the babies suffer and have different effects.

First, pregnant mothers take risks while using drugs. Many mothers think it is easy to take any kind of medication while pregnant. What they don’t know is that they have to go through different doctors to take any kind of medication. Some mothers are not responsible for their babies and themselves. They take different kinds of drugs, such as, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. One of my friends just had a baby, and she was dating a guy that was using drugs before her pregnancy. When she was having her baby, all of the check ups were good. They told her that it was a healthy baby. After two months, the little baby girl was born. The baby got sick, and they had to take her to the hospital because her lungs were not working. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks. The doctors told the mom that in the future the baby was going to have problems breathing because of the drugs that the father had been using before. Many couples think it is not important to take care of their babies but it is not true. They have to give their lives for them. That is why the mothers have to be really careful when using medication or any kind of drug that is assigned by the doctor.

Second, couples that are addicted are not really capable of taking care of their babies. Many couples just want to keep themselves happy, and they forget about their babies. In the streets one sees people walking asking for money they use the phrase, My friend, I haven’t eaten, can I have a quarter or some change?” Almost all of the people are not saying the truth. Many just want to have some change to waste in alcohol and drugs. Many of them are mothers that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I come across a lady that was walking by my house she was about thirty years old she asked me for money and I asked her what she needed the money for. She was very honest and told me “I need to by some kind of drug to calm down the pain that I have because I am pregnant. She didn’t have a choice because the hospitals were too expensive and she could not afford it. I took her to the hospital and she thanked me. There are many ways women can get help from other people while pregnant. The only thing they have to do is ask.

Last, many of the babies suffer and have different effects. The parents are not concerned of the problems that they can cause the babies. If a parent takes drugs the babies can be deformed when they are born. In a TV show called Real TV, there are many cases of parents that have taken drugs while pregnant. Some of the babies become addicted to the drug that the mother is taking; the babies need the drugs after they are born. The babies might have a disability after they are born because of the parents, addiction to drug. It is better for many babies not to suffer in life. The mother must have the decision to whether to abort or not to abort their babies. Because the mother is going to have the regrets after her baby is born.

In conclusion, couples who use fertility drugs should have the option of aborting fetuses; the pregnant mother take risks while using drugs; couples that are addicted are not really capable of taking care of their babies; and many of the babies suffer and have different effects. This is a hard decision to make because it is a life in someone’s hands. Most of the times is better for the babies and their mother.

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