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Tax them and they will play. If it were that easy, the issue of building the Seattle Mariners a new stadium would have been settled during last weeks primary elections. What I don’t understand is why didn’t it pass. Do the citizens of King county feel repressed because they are already taxed to the hilt. Possibly. However, I don’t feel that the people of King county were informed enough to make the decision, and if they were they sure didn’t respond as educated voters should. If the Mariners are sold and move to Washington D.C., which is the most likely spot for them to move, it would effect the whole state of Washington.

As I type this Govenor Lowery and the state legislature are quickly trying to ratify some sort of new and improved state and local tax package. State tax; wait a minute, doesn’t that effect me and you and the rest of the citizens of the state of Washington outside of the mis-informed King county. Sure it does, but are we going to get a chance to vote on it? Probably not. As far as the state legislature is concerned, we got our chance last week. Now it is time for them to act, and act fast before they lose one of the biggest revenue earning organizations the state has.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Mariners leave Seattle now after the best season in franchise history. Sure the Mariners haven’t given the city of Seattle much of a reason to keep them. It has taken 17 years for the club to get on the hottest win streak in the whole national baseball league, but hey, Rome wasn’t built overnight. During the last three home games the Kingdome was sold out. At $1 dollars a person times 55,000 per game, that’s over 1.1 million dollars times three games totals out to over . million dollars. That’s just in ticket sales alone.

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