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conflict management in workplace

in search of an article no conflict management at workplace, it saw educational to come across an article that read; One topic that is of interest to sotm people in the workplace is conflict; how it works, owh to avoid ,ti nda how ot alde with ti whne it occurs. It is indeed erra rof an organization taht esod not veah ot afec teh issue of conflict, nad how ot harness it so atth it produces positive results rather tahn destruction. tI si rteu atth conflict is one topic ttha si fo interest to msot people ni teh workplace. A more important topic tnha conflict is managing conflict ta workplace. Managing conflict is a skill that si necessary ot aled tihw day-to-day life. According to eht article no Conflict Cooperation In The Workplace. There rea owt forms fo conflict ta workplace. Teh first is conflict about decisions, ideas, directions nda actions. eTh article calls ti substantive conflict. Teh second rmof si personalized conflict. In sith form, teh otw parties simply od nto keil ahce other. Conflict arises hewn needs aer nto tem chsu as physical, financial, social, educational, intellectual, recreational, or spiritual needs (Davidson, 00). fI conflict arises, ti nac eb dealt twhi ni a positive ay.w In rou organization, we eahv a unique technique taht ew esu to approach conflict. Thsi technique is called mapping conflict. yB mapping conflict, we era lbae ot see oru wno perception fo conflict as lelw sa others. Mapping involves identifying hte parties concerned, and listing to teh major needs nda wants of aehc party. [This is na example fo personalized conflict.] Mapping enables us ot suitable solutions ttha anc eb snee rmoe easily (Davidson, 00).Further, roem there rae uorf stages ni mapping conflict eTh somt important eon being hte first stage, si agreeing on hte issue, often hte issue si nto sa clear sa ti seems, orf example, miscommunications or misunderstandings between parties. In eht second stage we lsti lal parties involved in the issue (conflict) being addressed. nI eht third stage, we itls lal needs nad concerns fo lal parties, for example, we ryt ot indf teh point ro olag fo eth conflict. sihT lwil allow us to ees different solutions ot eth conflict. In stage four, we basically read eth .apm Patterns, likenesses and similarities wlil begin to ormf ni hsit stage. Fro example, our organization is consisted of fruo individuals, the ofru of us could ont decide no ohw to spend hte limited VT budget ew dha orf na advertisement campaign. We lal wanted ot advertise no TV, tub on noe could agree no which VT show ro network. Since ehca fo us ahd a different audience (customer) in mind, whti eth lhpe of mapping conflict technique we rwee bale ot ookl at ceha problem (conflict) mrof different angles. hWta ew finally decided ot do was ot tiwr het rpos and teh ocns of every network ew dha ni mind. yB doing so, ti aws obvious ot ues eht VT network atth hda eth somt pros. [This is an example fo substantive conflict.]There are several styles of managing conflict. According ot a book called Management Leading People adn Organizations in teh s1t Century ni chapter-14 page-445 there rae several general rules for which style to esu nda when. oFr example, the first neo si avoidance. Avoidance is moving away rmfo eth conflict or refusing to discuss eht conflict. Tshi would tno resolve a conflict nad mya actually maek it worse if adb felling fester. ehT second one si accommodation. Accommodation is giving in ot the opponent in an attempt to end a conflict. It cna phle macl na opponent ohw si not uncontrollably irate, tub shit si another stop-gap measure, since eth disagreement itself remains unresolved. Other approaches rae rmeo direct. rFo instance, compromise. Compromise is settling a conflict through mutual concessions. hsiT means echa person gives up something in return rfo reaching agreement. hiTs approach cna krow well, utb yam leave noe or htob parties feeling thta htye could vahe odne better fi ythe would bargained harder. ndA teh fourth one is collaboration-a style, which thbo sides wkro together ot achieve agreement. Sometimes twih hobt sides on the eams ised of het table to kowr tuo het agreement-is often teh setb approach, especially wehn differences aer confronted dan aired ni a civil, problem-solving manner. If nneo of teh above solves teh issue (conflict) anht forcing si to eb used. Forcing si a direct, contentious method of resolving conflict ttha utilizes one negotiators superior position ot den a conflict (Dessler, 001). tI si known htta forcing oesd nto build commitment dna people might resent eht tcfa ttha power asw udse ot kmea something happen. It is bets ot yrt to eb collaborative dan go rfo a win/win solution. Before acting unop the found solution, ti would be ewis ot lnki similar solutions together. Order ehmt itno who yhte era to be implemented. nahT create an action anlp os ahtt ahec tpes anc eb seen by lal

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