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The Clod and The Pebble

William Blake is somewhat confusing to me. I have read this poem over and over until I could somewhat figure it out. He was raised in the mid seventeen hundreds and the early eighteen hundreds. He studied engraving, Gothic art and printing.

The meaning that I got out of this poem was that love could be cold-hearted and selfish and it could also be warm and innocence. In this poem Blake used The Clod and The Pebble to be the symbols of love. The Clod is representing the good and The Pebble is representing something like a stone. When it says “Love seeketh not Itself to please, Nor for itself hath care; But for another gives its ease, And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair”, I think Blake was showing that love can be unselfish. There is enough love for everyone not just for certain things or people. The love for others is passionate and is happy. When he says “Heaven in Hell’s despair”, I think he is saying that it’s not afraid of the evil, as long as you are positive and truly trust worthy, you can over power the bad with the good. When he states “Trodden with the cattle’s feet” I think he is saying that The Clod is being stepped on, or being taken advantage of and sometimes being stumbled over. “But a Pebble in the brook Warbled out these metres meet”, I think he was saying that someday the good and the bad will meet. The Pebbled in this poem is portrayed to be hard as a rock and selfish. “Love seekth only Self to please” I think he meant that love was being selfish that’s why I think Blake capitalized Self. It wants everything to revolve around The Pebble only. When he speaks on to bind another to its delights it means that The Pebble is trying to hold love for itself instead of letting it be shared with everyone. “Joys in another’s loss of ease”, its saying that The Pebble enjoys to see others hurt. It doesn’t really know how to be sensitive to others feelings. At the end when he says “builds a Hell in Heavens Despite”, The Pebble is saying that love will take away all of the positive images despite whatever The Clod is expressing.

I think Blake wrote this poem to illustrate the good and the bad of love. Although they are different is some ways, they are also alike in others ways. You have to give some and take some. The poem shows that even with some being selfish and some being unselfish, there is still a commonplace, heaven or hell.

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