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I really shouldnt talk about this, but then I realize Im an Aries and I thrive on the adrenaline I get from doing things I shouldnt.

They say that if you search hard enough for something it will find you. In the Spring of 15, I met this really wierd woman at a coffeehouse that I hang out at. Now, keep in mind that if I call someone wierd, thats saying something... Well, she asked me if I was a vampire. I said no, and that the fangs were just caps I had made. She dropped the subject. A few months later, in mid-September, 15, I brought her to my college to see the world wide web. At dinner in the schools cafeteria, she mentioned to a friend of mine that she was an immortal vampire. I rolled my eyes. She didnt offer proof, but instead offered to change my friend. Well, to make a long story short, he called me a few days later and showed me the changes. Now, Id been practiced different forms of magick for almost 6 years at the time, and Id never seen such a major change in a persons aura and abilities so fast. He simply wasnt himself. He felt more complete, more powerful, and his psychic shielding was incredible.

He gave me what details he could, but it wasnt enough. I went to this womans house and got the rest of the details from her. She described a ritual to me. The would-be vampire would spiritually marry her (read psychic bonding), die, and be reborn. I have been asked to keep the precise method of death secret, but I can say that no normal human can either kill or die literally from this action. That was plainly obvious. After the rebirth, she injects the fledgling with a purified form of her blood, which she likened to embalming. I figured there was no harm in trying the ritual, and if nothing happened, I could make an excuse not to take the injection. (The reason for the injection was the same as drinking the blood of a vampire, but more reliable.) So, on September 4, 15, I went through with the ritual.

Ive heard of strange things happening in rituals, but this has to take the cake. I died. Literally. I stopped breathing, felt my heart stop and left my body. I later realized (has this happened in any other NDEs?) that I departed to the North. I felt like I entered a tunnel and flew through it. I reached the other side (no bright light, but I did get the feeling of absolute peace. I felt like I was in some kind of waiting room, but it felt blissful, nothing like waiting in a doctors office of anything.). Before I could get my bearing, I was pulled gently, but forcefully back to my body. I hovered just outside it for a few seconds, looking over my own right shoulder before popping back in. I heard her tell me to breathe, and I did. After dying, I had no problem with the injection. Not much can make a dead person nervous, besides, she was more cautious with the sterility of her syringe than most doctors Ive seen.

The effects I experienced were as follows I went through all the changes I described about the viral vampires, my hair got a slight curl to it and became a tad lighter (black to dark brown), and my eyes changed. I cant really describe it, but a few people have noticed a difference. My magickal abilities have gotten stronger, though things dont quite work in the same manner, and my third eye (astral sight) has improved. The lust for blood is just that lust. I felt like an adolescent looking at a porno-magazine.

Feeding is as follows I take vitamin B1 daily, in huge doses, and use various substitutes, including chocolate, fruit juices, etc. When I feed off humans, it seems I grow astral fangs. I can feel them latch onto the victims skin, but other than that, there is no sign of fangs at all. Once I am locked on, I suck. I get a slightly viscous liquid entering my mouth, but it is not whole blood, nor is it saliva. I swallow, and thats it. I let go when Ive had enough. It could be psycho-somatic neurosis, but I have no way of telling for sure. It seems I get a part of blood, perhaps through osmosis. Im not sure. Im not sure of anything really, except that as I said in a post to Vampires-l quite a while ago, pomegranates act like speed to me.

I do not regret my change, but I would like to know what is happening in scientific terms. Any serious researchers out there have a clue?

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