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Jazz, Musical Theatre and Tap

Musical theatre is a genre that has a style of its own. It encompasses music, dance and theatrical acting in its self. In 7 brides for 7 brothers, the movements were like ballet but along a long continuum. They were using movement that were spontaneous and encompassed the movement of acrobats which is a theatrical performance.

In Jazz Hot one could not recognize that is was actually a musical theatre piece. I actually could see the musical theatre in this after it was brought to my attention. It also encompassed music, dance and performance into one. The moves of the performers and the main star which was the mature women brought attention more to the theatrical performance other than waiting for them to perform another dance move.

Tap is a fascinating part of dance within its self. It lies at the other end of the continuum compared to ballet but it also has a style that keeps it within the same procession. In Challenge Dance the movements were like that of ballet in a sense but it didn’t go along with music as many ballets also do. The music seemed to not flow gently but instead it flowed roughly and made the tap look atrocious.

In Tap Dogs the tapping was different than challenge dance because of incorporating different styles of tap. It seemed more fascinating and exhilarating than the other. It still seemed like it had no storyline and the movements were not with the music which made me become unfocused with the tap dance. Although the men had items they were tapping with; it still seemed like sporadic movements.

Jazz dance is an alternative to musical theatre and vise versa which lets both pieces encompass one another. In Contact the music went with the performance and it played a story just like musical theatre had done. When the music is played in sync with the dancing it seems to bring about the styles of the movements and which in turn make the moves transition smoothly and with a bang.

In Center Stage the young adults had movements that seemed to be too much like ballet, though it had swings and movements that went with music. The movements played in tune with the music beats although I couldn’t recognize a story line within this clip. The style was definitely jazz style, recognizing it through the swinging movements that follow he beats of the music.

Out of Jazz, Musical Theatre and Tap I would say I rate tap as not catching my attention and a complete bore to myself. Although I would sit through a performance to see if I actually could benefit from the dance I doubt that anything would come from it. Jazz and Musical Theatre are the two I enjoy the most and I highly doubt that one is better than the other. The two styles seem to be close in style which attracts me to the predilection. I hope that one day, jazz and musical theatre will become to surge my mind and soul and help me become more focused, so I can learn these style myself. I believe these genres are outstanding and feel me with an aesthetic feeling I have never felt before.

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