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Abenaki Indians were divided into groups the western and eastern Abenakis. Both have the same style of living. Abenaki originally from England moved to America when the French invaded their homelands. Although not recognized by the historian as a major Indian group, the Abenaki Indians were once a great tribe.

The family was the core of the Abenaki life. Abenaki family included mot only parents and children, as in a modern American family, but also grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws. “ Abenaki were affectionate parents”( Trigger 155). The member of a family usually lived together and sometimes under the same roof. An Abenaki boy was born into a world surrounded by relatives. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and as well as parents all took a hand in the child’s welfare and upbringing. When a mother went about her daily taks or worked in the fields with other women, she carried the baby with her in a cradleboard and hung it from a tree branch so the child could be close by and see all that was going on. Children took part in all aspects of family life and were expected to behave in a way that would be helpful to the others. Most importantly, young people were taught to respect their elders. The responsibilities of the men were hunting, fishing , warfare, and the fabrication of houses, canoes, and the implements of war and hunting. While the women’s responsibilities were childcare, cooking, preparation skins and clothing, cultivation of agricultural crops, and gathering of food plants (Trigger 156).

An Abenaki warrior was responsible for the safety of his family, clan, and band. Farming wouldn’t be possible if there was no defense against invaders. Therefore, defense was an important aspect’s of a man’s life. “ To be a warrior meant that one could endure without complaint, all hardships of cold, hunger, pain, weariness. This was what young boys aspired to, and with the help of their maternal uncles, they were trained from an early age to shoot the longbow and wield the tomahawk, and knife” (Mehigan 1).

Joseph Bruchac is a modern Abenaki of Abenaki and European heritage. He writes poetry, fiction and some criticism literature. He has written many books especially for young readers. “ In addition of being a popular writer, Bruchac is professional storyteller. He has made recordings of ancient stories so that can be enjoyed the way there intended to be by listening. Storytelling, he says, helps to keep us connected with the people of the past” (Gleason 7).

Abenaki was a really good tribe that wasn’t recognized by most historians as a major Indian group. Abenaki were great people. One of the modern Abenakis is Joseph Bruchac who loves to write poetry. He made many children books about Indians. He does this so that people would learn about the way Indians lived.

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