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How bad can a movie be? It can be so bad that the trailers for other movies are the best part. It can be so bad that youd rather put out your own eyes than watch. It can be so bad you want to find the guys who greenlighted this movie, bury them up to their necks in the blazing sun and pour fire ants on them. Scary Movie is that bad.

Scary Movie is another crappy sequel and, God-willing, the last. The franchise has gotten progressively worse ever since the Wayans brothers abandoned it after the first Scary Movie. David Zucker, the guy behind the Naked Gun and Airplane movies, falls flat on his face in trying to revive the franchise. Its not just that the movie employs gross-out, toilet humor, its that it employs BAD toilet humor. Now done right, gross-out movies can crack you up like any other comedy; witness the South Park movie. . Its all about delivery, and this movie just cant deliver. Done wrong and the results can cause post-traumatic stress syndrome. And boy is this move ever done wrong. There is no plot to this movie and there are barely any jokes. I could count the number of times I laughed during this film with one hand, and still have something left to pick my nose with. I was really tempted during most of it to theater hop into another movie. Any movie. Even the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake. This movie is hell. Do yourself a favor and go see Kill Bill Vol.1 instead.

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