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Over the centuries there have been very many tales that tell of ghosts but the question still remains, do they really exist or is it all in the mind?

Types of ghosts.

I have found through my research that there are many different types of ghosts. For example

Poltergeists many people think these are ghosts but they do not behave like normal ghosts do. Poltergeists can move objects such as chairs, tables, mirrors, beds, televisions etc. Poltergeists have never been seen but objects have been seen flying through mid air and also just suddenly appearing out of nowhere, they can also make objects fit through openings which are too small for them to fit and often after the object has stopped moving they are too hot to touch. Poltergeist activity most commonly occurs when there are children present between the ages of 1-16. Some researchers believe that these activities could also be the result of psychokinesis, this is the ability to move objects using only the mind. They also believe that this energy can only be produced by children of this age.

Ghosts of the living these ghosts appear as people that are still living but in great danger or pain. Such ghosts normally appear only once

Spirits these ghosts are just there to give you a sign that lets you know that they¡¦re okay in the afterlife. These signs are usually things that will let you know it¡¦s them. For example, if the ghost liked flowers while it was living, it might leave you a long stemmed rose or carnation to let you know that they¡¦re okay

Ghosts with a purpose these ghosts appear for a special reason, they are phantoms of the dead that come in order to give warnings or messages to their family or to their close friends. These ghosts rarely speak but they point and give signs to deliver their messages.

Helpful ghosts these ghosts that come when they sense that they are needed to help their family through times of hardship or grief, these ghosts are often invisible but the family usually knows that they¡¦re there to help them. These ghosts usually say until things get better for the family

Duties of a ghost.

If possible certain duties must be completed before the ghost can leave this earth peacefully and join the spirit world. Here are some examples of some duties.

1. to avenge a murder and bring the criminal to justice.

. to right any wrongs they committed while living.

. to have their body receive a proper buirial.

4. to reveal a hiding place of money or valubles that need to be returned to their rightful owners.

5. To set right an injustice from which someone is still sufering

The Poltergeist and PK

As I said before the only explanation for Poltergeist activity is psychokinesis the ability to move objects with the mind so I decided to do a bit of my report on how to do it just in case you are interested, the following steps should help your ability to bend spoons or whatever grow (But don¡¦t practice with your mom¡¦s good silverware �ยบ.)

1. What you do is have an accepting attitude. Believe it can happen. Have a POSITIVE attitude about it. you may not have believed you could do it but you may believe it is possible. Thats a start for the proper frame of mind. Next, believe YOU can!!

. Focus your attention. So many people say they are concentrating but in fact their minds are scattered and they arent really into it at all.

. Practice being still. Yes, actually, being still without thinking anything.

4. Learn to Let Go

These are some of the techniques that will help you open up to all your abilities whether you are bending spoons or not.

1. Find utensil of choice.

. Hold utensil in your hand / hands--however you are comfortable.

. Sit quietly--breathe comfortably--relax. 4. Empty mind of all extra chattering and thoughts. Remember stay focused.

5. With eyes closed--slowly rub your fingers tips over the surface of the object.

6. Feel--dont think about it--feel what the surface feels like. Get into the flow of molecules, atoms, energy.

7. This may take a few attempts but you will begin to actual feel the energy.

8. At that very moment when you feel it--you and the object as a blend of energy--just bend it! If youve done it correctly--it will bend!!!

. Remember NEVER apply force! You arent there to physically force it to bend. Thats not point of the exercise.

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