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Children are incredibly impressionable individuals whom seem to recall everything they encounter. Its natures way of helping the young learn about the bustling world which encompasses them. Because of this innate trait present in our young, it is crucial that they are exposed to a heavy dose of positive moral, character, and behavioral examples. In a genuine effort to provide quality entertainment for their offspring, parents flock to the nearest toy store to purchase games for their home video games systems, video games portraying violent acts and strong sexual themes. These games are in essence providing the negativity that most parents are trying to shield their children from.

Children obviously mimic what they see. They repeat what they’ve overheard mommy and daddy conversing about secretly no one is supposedly around. Children practice the latest fighting moves they saw the Power Rangers perform on their arch villain on Saturday morning television. Wisdom lends one to believe a child whom plays these adverse video games everyday will in some form copy what he is being exposed too.

Human nature in general tends to be more fascinated with the negative than the positive. If children are constantly exposed to the violence and sexual misconduct, it may slowly affect morals. Children would increasingly view this behavior as acceptable.

It is ludicrous to think anyone no less children can see or hear this stuff on a consistent basis without being affected. Rational children are still minors and require parental guidance. At the very least parents will having a more difficult time just trying to offset this negative learned behavior. These video games make parenting just that much more vexing.

Parents and society as a whole are better off finding another means of entertainment for our young. Today’s games are just too adult in nature which will eventually lead to behavioral problems from our future generation.

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