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Coon Hunting Vs. Deer Hunting

There are many similarities between coon and deer hunting. You can hunt both of them with a rifle, they can be hunted in the fall and winter, they can be rewarding, and they can also be hunted for the exercise and excitment. There are also several difference. Some of these differences include the time of day that they can be hunted, the type of clothing that you where, the way you have to clean them or gut them out, and the limit that you can kill.

Coon hunting is usually done with a . rifle with a clip. A single shot rifle can be used but ist as easy as when using an automatic. The clip is used so that you can take it in and out when leaving and entering the woods. Using a clip is alot easier than loading and unloading a tube.

Deer hunting can be done with anything bigger than a ..

Deer hunting and coon hunting both start in the fall of the year. Coon hunting starts at midnight on the third friday of the month and deer hunting starts on the third saturday of novermber.

Hunting both deer and coon can be very rewarding. A coon hide can be worth anywhere from 5 dollars to thirty dollars. With a deer you an fill your freezer with meat for the year. You can also mount your deer horns or take the hide to a store and receive a couple pair of leather gloeves for it.

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