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Cancer is one of the worlds most illusive and deadly killers. There is no permanent cure, yet. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are procedures that might result in a permanent effect. Why does it come? Where does it come from? are all questions left to be answered. A close friend of mine contracted cancer, a tumour at the slender age of twelve. Again at sixteen the veracious killer returned. At eighteen years of age when his life was hitting a high, an independent young adult fell to pieces when he received he news of his enemies return.

My friend and I knew of each other and our relationship didn’t extent only to the occasional “hi, how are you?” but in the summer of 001 � 00 this bond between us took at a drastic turn. We saw each other everyday, spoke to each other, and did activities together; by the end of camp we knew each other better than we knew ourselves. People found it strange that a fifteen-year-old boy (me) and an almost eighteen-year-old man were so close.

I had always known about his previous tumours when he was a teenager but I never thought I would experience one with him. It was two years before that memorable camp that he had his last tumour. By the end of 00 my friend and I has risen to an even higher depth of friendship.

Twice a year he was required to go to the hospital for a routine “MRI” a magnetic resonance imaging machine which allowed his neurologist to clearly see any unwanted growth, a tumour.

“Hello” I answered the phone, my friend said, “I have something very important to tell you” I replied “what?” he then told me that his “tumour had returned”. I sat there in complete silence; I didn’t know what to say. I had absolutely no experience with such a situation. “I don’t know what to tell you”, I replied to my friend “but I will be here with you all the way’.

Almost a week later he was rushed into hospital, for a special type of brain surgery. His past two operations the surgeons entered his head the top of his skull, this time the surgeons thought it best to enter through the back of the head. The surgery ran for about 6 hours and the surgeon reported a massive drop in size of the tumour. The initial reports showed that a bulk of the tumour had been cut away but part of the tumour was too close to brain for the surgeon to cut off.

To destroy the left over tumour he would need Radiotherapy a technique called “stereotactic”. In my friends case he was not permitted by the doctors to have Radiotherapy. Because in his previous operations as a precaution Radiotherapy was used and he was “radiotherapied out”, the radiotherapy left radionecrosis which is scar tissue that killed living cells, it would mean he would have to be switched to Chemotherapy.

The first time I visited him, I didn’t know what to expect. I visioned him lying in bed relaxing, like after any other surgery. I was wrong, as I walked into his room I saw a weak, debilitating pain stricken eighteen year old that had experienced too much. The pain he was encountering was displayed on his face. It was very hard for him to move, the surgery crippled him from moving his neck for a week and half.

Because my friend yearned to get out of the hospital so quickly I believe that his speedy recovery was as a result of this. On each occasion I went to visit him his spirits were rising. After the first visit, a notable change was observed.

After a few weeks of recovery he was allowed to return home. Specialists informed him that 10 months of Chemotherapy was required. Just yesterday I received a call that his tumour after two sessions of chemotherapy had fallen from 11.1 mm in volume to 1. mm. He was overjoyed. Chemotherapy is a very taxing medical procedure on ones body, it not only kills the unwanted cells it also kills good cells. Vomiting, drowsiness and headaches are some of the immediate effects of chemotherapy. Not only is Chemotherapy taxing on ones physical side but also on ones mental side. It is very difficult to enter hospitals every two to three months and almost every week for blood transfusions.

This brings me to an end. This personal encounter with cancer is based on a true story. Bluntly, cancer is unfair and unreasonable. Why my friend got it is unknown but what we can do to help is to donate money to various cancer campaigns and if you know any one with cancer show and provide support and let them know that “You will be there for them, all the way”.

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