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Recent iMac price cuts may have some potential Windows XP upraders wondering if they should ditch their PCs and join the Apple crowd. But cool design is the wrong reason for buying a computer. Most people will want to be able to do something productive or fun--ideally both--with their new computers. There, a solid operating system foundation can make all the difference and matters much more than the computers packaging. So, before plunking down your hard-earned cash consider Whither Windows XP or Mac OS X?

Apple officially released Mac OS X in March 001. The new version is the most significant upgrade to Mac OS since its 184 introduction. Apple built the core of Mac OS on Unix, adding a very cool interface--dubbed Aqua--true multitasking that allows many programs to run at once, better memory management and improved crash protection. But Mac OS X was not ready for primetime when first released. The OS initially did not support CD burning or DVD playback, leaving people using these optical drives in a lurch. Mac OS X also suffered from performance and stability issues that prevented Adobe, Microsoft and other software developers from quickly releasing applications that run natively in OS X rather than in Classic compatibility mode. Apple largely remedied this latter problem with the September 001 upgrade to OS X 10.1. Summer 00 release of Mac OS X 10., or Jaguar, added many new features, a good many playing catch up with Windows XP.

Microsoft officially launched Windows XP in October 001, although PC makers started shipping new computers with the operating system about a month earlier. Windows XP Home is Microsofts first truly stable consumer operating system, ditching the unstable foundation established by Windows 5. XPs heritage derives from Windows NT and 000, which are much more crash resistant than the 5 lineage, manage memory better and easily run many programs simultaneously. Unlike OS X, XP offered full support for CD burning and DVD playback, either directly in the operating system or in conjunction with third parties.

Both Mac OS X and Windows XP can be considered mature operating systems, offering the robustness and stability long found with Unix. Many of the basic features are similar, in fact maybe more so in these releases than any others. With Mac OS X, Apple largely has focused on digital media--music, movies, photos and DVDs--bundling in very cool software, too. In fact, using Apples iTunes 4, burning or ripping digital music is much easier in Mac OS X than Windows XP. Apples music software also fully supports the popular MP format, something XPs Windows Media Player only does with extra-cost add-ons from CyberLink and InterVideo. Still, users can do everything they need using Microsofts proprietary Windows Digital Media format. Apples iPod, its digital music player available in either a 1,000-song or ,000-song model, could be a good reason for choosing Mac OS X. Mac and Windows iPod versions are available.

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Apples iMovie easily outshines Microsofts Movie Maker software for retrieving and editing digital video. Both companies released new versions of their software in January 00. In my early testing, the new iMovie clearly outclasses Movie Maker . Some third-party Windows software is more sophisticated, but most are not as easy to use. One exception Roxios VideoWave Movie Creator. Mac OS X also has the edge burning DVDs. Apples iDVD uses an intelligent, task-oriented approach to making movie DVDs grandma can watch on her home player. Apples choice of graphics, themes and icons are more tasteful than most PC software competitors, and iDVD will produce professional, Hollywood-stylized menus for navigating the DVDs. Microsoft does not bundle in DVD burning software, although a mid-00 deal with Sonic Solutions could lead to the feature be added to Windows XP later on. Sonics MyDVD 4 closes the gap on iDVD , but Apples decision to integrate features from iMove , iPhoto and iTunes 4 put the authoring suite way ahead of MyDVD. Apple also has an edge handling photos, despite the great job Microsoft has done in this area. With iPhoto , Mac OS X users can easily manage thousands of photos that can be resized in the view window for quick review and which are cataloged like film rolls for easily finding pictures. Users also can group photos by way of categories. OS X nice touch Users can burn CDs or DVDs from the file menu. Just drag, drop and burn. Windows XP will burn CDs but not DVDs.

Another OS X advantage Native support for Adobes PDF file format. This is particularly handy for anyone in government or education, where PDF documents are more commonly used. Click on a PDF file on the Web, the document drops on the desktop and a viewer opens to see the contents. No Adobe Acrobat reader required. But OS X comes up way short on a long-time Windows productivity booster Full support for the two-button mouse. Mac OS will let users right-click on a two-button mouse, but Apple still offers only single-button mice with its computers. There is the option of pressing Control on the keyboard when clicking the mouse to get some context menus available with a right click. But XPs superior support for right-click functions, such as rich context menus, far exceeds OS X.

Advantage XP

Windows XP does digital media, too. Mac OS X may make using digital media easy, but XP unlocks more richness and features. Windows Media Player Series, for example, is a real mixed bag for consumers. Full MP support requires add-on products as does DVD playback. Windows Media Player Series will play DVD movies, but only if someone elses decoder is installed. XPs media player also is much harder to use for organizing, ripping or burning digital music than iTunes 4. But Microsoft built support for digital music right into XPs file system, and thats a big plus. In any folder, with digital music, XP displays song attributes, such as title and artist, without the need of a media player. Songs can be played easily using a control in the file menu, too. Mostly importantly, Windows Media Player Series delivers tremendous sound. Ive never heard MPs sound so good. Songs ripped in Windows Media Audio sound even better, and the format supports rich 5.1 surround sound.

Windows XP also handles digital photos or video better from the file system than Mac OS X. While not as robust as the digital music feature, users have more photo and video viewing and playing options within folders. Speaking of photos, Microsofts Scanner and Photo Wizard does a pretty good job of retrieving images. Photo retrieval is a bit more cumbersome than on OS X, but XPs scanner support smashes the Mac. Both operating systems also connect to digital photo printing services. OS Xs nicety The ability to order professionally printed and bound gift books from their digital images. Windows XP also offers more choice accessing digital content.

XPs look and feel dramatically differs from Apples OS. In

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