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Something that has affected my life would be finding out that my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Many things were going through my mind, such as what I would do with out my mom, how much I appreciate her and how I would look at life in the future. I look up to my mom and I want to be just like her when I get older. She is a very special and one of the most important persons in my life. Since my mom was diagnosed with cancer I believe that event has changed my life forever.

I was very upset when I found out my mom had cancer. All I kept thinking about was what if she did not make it and what life would be like without her. My mom and I are very close and I feel I can talk to her about anything. So if I were to lose my mother, I would feel like I just lost my best friend. Also I am not the only child in the family. There are five of us and two of them are younger than I am. So I know that they would need her more than me. Another thing I kept thinking about was that I would be graduating soon and she raised me all these years and my mom would not be there to hear my name being called or see me walk across stage. Also what would happen when I get married? She would not be there to help me pick out my wedding dress and tell me how pretty I looked in it. Also she would not be there to see me walk down the aisle or be there with me when I have my first child. All I kept thinking about was that my mom would not be here to share all these special moments with me. My mom would be missing all the important events in my life. I was also wondering how I could ever go

through life without my mom by my side telling me everything will be o.k. While all these thoughts were going my mind it made me realize how much I appreciate her and all the little things she does for me.

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Now that my mom beaten the cancer and will be able to share all the special moments with me, I appreciate her more now than ever. I appreciate the little things she does for me that I did not before. For instance she always cooks me dinner every night, washes all my laundry and folds my clothes. Also she wakes me up for school and works every morning and she is always there when I need her. While keeping that in mind I try to do more things around the house that I did not before, such as my own laundry and helping her cook dinner. Also cleaning the house and doing the yard work whenever it is needed. I just whish that it did not have to take mom to have cancer to realize how much she does for me. So, after all I think that this event has changed how I look at life now.

By my mother having cancer, helped me look at life differently. For instance I do not take anything for granted anymore because anything can happen at any given time. I also make sure that I never leave anyone with an argument or being mad especially my mom because you never know if something is going to happen. Those could be the last words that you say to someone. So I always leave on good terms.

In a way something positive came out by my mom having cancer. Not only did she live but also it helped me realize how she means to me and not to take her for granted that she will always be here with me. Also help me realize how much I appreciate the little things she does for me around the house. I am glad that my mom is here with me.

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