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In the book, The Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus is an epic hero. Like most other epic heros,

he had made some mistakes along the way, but his other good qualities make up for it. Like in

the movie, Hercules, Hercules gave up his strength in order to save Megara. In doing that, he

didnt know that, he didnt take he time to see Megaras background. If he did, he wouldve found

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out that she was working for Hades. Obstacles and mistakes didnt stop his perseverance or

change his qualities of an epic hero. Despite some errors in judgment during his long journey

home, Odysseus can indeed be considered a epic hero.

His bravery brought him through the tough time When he was trapped on

Polyphemoss island. He never gave up hope, but relied on his brain instead. Most of his men we

so terrified of the Kyklopes, because he was eating Odysseus men, that they only ran away and

hid, praying that the Kyklopes wouldnt eat them. Odysseus, on the

other hand, devised a plan and executed it with the outmost bravery. His plan to blind

Polyphemos showed his fearlessness to Kyklopes and determination to get out of the cave.

Now came the time to toss for it who ventured along with me? Whose hand could bear to

thrust and grind that spike in Kyklopes eye, when mild sleep had mastered him? (Page 154-155)

Odysseus remained brave even through the worst horror. Not only did he carry out his plan, but

it worked perfectly, until the end, when his pride made another mistake of telling Polyphemos his


Another example was that even when he had a beautiful nymph, he stayed loyal to

his wife and kingdom. Klypso had saved Odysseus and kept him on her island, wanting him to

stay with her, but he never lost sight of his home and family.He overcame all the temptations to

stay with Klypso because of his loyalty. Son of Laertes, versatile Odysseus, after these years

with me, you still desire your old home? Even so, I wish you well. (Page 87) He had everything

that he couldve wanted, but he stayed true to what he really cared about. His only wish was to

return home again.

Finally, when Odysseus had finally returned home, he displayed his self-control in the

way he reacted to the humiliation. He disguised himself as a beggar and took everyones ridicule

without losing his temper. Odysseus was a proud warrior so it must have been very hard for him

to stand the mocking and beatings that he was given by the suitors and by Melanthios.

...the Lord Odysseus walked along, debating inwardly whether to whirl and beat the life out of

this fellow with his stick, or toss him, brain him on the stony ground. Then he controlled himself,

and bore it quietly. (Page 17) After so many years of war, it is expected of him to strike back.

His epic hero quality, of self-control, prevails at this occasion.

Odysseus craftiness shows in the way he got rid of the suitors at his house. The

suitors thought that Odysseus was dead and that the old beggar, that Odysseus was

pretending to be, was no threat. Odysseus died at sea; no coming home for him. (Page 18)

Odysseus told Telemachus to remove all of the weapons in the room so that the suitors

wouldnt be able to charge back at him. After he killed all of the suitors, he knew to make it seem

like they were still alive and were having a party. That way, the suitors family members wouldnt

know about their deaths and wouldnt come to avenge them. Craftiness was always a big part of

his personality.

In conclusion, throughout the obstacles Odysseus epic hero features and actions prove

him to be a very worthy epic hero. His bravery with Polyphemos couldnt be outmatched. His

loyalty to his kingdom and family brought him home. His craftiness and self-control with the

suitors gave him his house back. He was All the characteristics that would be needed in an

epic hero, he had. His features would be able overshadow his errors. Odysseus should be

considered an epic hero because he really is one and he had the life to prove it.

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