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One of the most memorable periods in my life was when I began high school. I started high school in 000; the name of the school was V.H.S. There were a lot of really nice people that I met and most of them are still really good friends of mine.

One of my best friends is Jessica - even among all of my close friends she is the one that is and always will be there for me whenever I need her. She is the sweetest, smartest, funniest person on the face of the planet. She’s also the best person at writing letters. Shes pretty, good at dancing, and is one of the best cheerleaders I have ever met. Shes also really trendy and loves to wear sporty clothes. She has a good character, which makes everybody love her.

I met Jessica in the ninth grade on the first day of school. We had English and Algebra together, and we were both new to the area and didn’t know anybody so we pretty much became really close really fast. We hung out together everyday at lunch and after school and soon we started making friends and formed a group, it was really fun. Then one day Jessica came to school really upset and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, I kept asking her to tell me what was going on, but she would get upset and start crying so I didn’t ask her anymore. Later that evening Jessica called me and told me that the reason she was upset was because she was going to move.

At first I didn’t know how to take the news. The thought of my best friend leaving me and going somewhere else to make other friends was a really sad reality, but I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. So on the day her family was moving I helped her pack and told her that I would always consider her my best friend, no matter what happened. She told me she felt the same and that when she got to her new house (she was moving to New York), she would call me. She never did. I waited a long time for her to call, I wondered if maybe somehow she lost my number or something. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on.

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I went back to school on Monday. A lot of people were asking me where Jessica was or how Jessica was doing; I didn’t really know what to say. I felt like my best friend forgot about me and I was really hurt. Eventually time started passing and I was hanging around my other friends, I never forgot about Jessica however and none of my other friends could take her place.

Summer that year was really fun. I did a lot of stuff with my friends Myra and Anthony. Myra is probably the most tomboyish girl I know, she is really cool to be around and can talk for hours. Anthony is one of my best guy friends, he will do anything, anytime, anyplace, and he loves to make people laugh. The three of us hung out all summer; every day we would find something new to do or somewhere to go. We went to the beach, camping, and we even took a road trip with Anthony’s older sister to Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun and I will never forget it.

School came and went, and last summer I received a call from none other than Jessica. My mom told me she called and gave me the number and I ran to call her. She answered and the first question that came out of my mouth was “why didn’t you call me?” She told me later that she had got to New York and became really sick and was in the hospital on and off for months. I felt really bad because all this time I was thinking that she had forgotten me when in fact she hadn’t at all.

Jessica told me that she was going to come out and visit her family in California for the summer, and asked if she could come and visit; of course I said yes. That summer we hung out together almost everyday, it was good to have my best friend back. We hung out with Myra and Anthony, but in August she had to go back home. I was sad that she had to leave but happy that I got to see her again. Jessica will be going to college at Cal State Northridge so I’ll be able to see her more often.

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