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Moments of insight

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us and In order to do so be prepared to search further than ourselves.

When we see a tree, many of us fail to see its paradoxical treeness. We see bark, branches and leaves, elements that limit our overall vision and we fail to see the veracity of what is around us. Perhaps this is because the label tree stands between ourselves and experience. Yet for some individuals they see past the label, beyond the facade, having a moment of pioneering insight.

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For these unique individuals who experience this perspicacity an exploration is undertaken into the natural rhythms and rhymes of the universe and induced over the artificial or man made. They realise that the human experience is limited by an individual’s subconscious and can only be heightened by the beneficial power of nature.

Artists have been idealised/catagorised into a group of people who uphold and endorse this insightful supremacy within their works each using different path’s to arrive at those moments whether that be through relationships, religion or nature.

Two artist’s both concerned with similar subjects yet who have completely opposite approaches to expressing the fundamental essence of these concepts re-literate language which is both emotive and unmistakably Romantic. Their words are precise and their themes ingenuously simultaneous. William Wordsworth a poet from the Romantic period in English poetry, this masterminds work, dating over 100 years old encoporates themes that are still concurrent within todays contemporary society and has been hailed as a master of poetic history.

.. A poet of the Romantic period in English poerty who’s work was incorporated into this wide reaching movement, William Wordsworth became renowned for his rejection of conventional techniques and subjects and his assosiations to nature and restorative potential.

at a time of his individual expressions along with Coleridge, Keats and ShellyThis William Wordsworthhas become internationally renowned for its fundamental human truths and relations to the natural world.With much of his attitude being greatly reflected thoughout much of his works.

David Malouf another

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