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Killing on orders by D.G. Myers was an article published in a local magazine, in which Stanley Milgram, a psychologist, supervised human experimenting trying to explain what happens when demands from authority clashes with the demands of conscience. The study also demonstrates how the variables emotional distance of the victim, closeness and legitimacy of the authority and the liberating effects of group influence effected whether humans obey their conscience or the authorities.

Mr. Milgram explains that in demanding situations (such as they did in Mr. Milgrams experiment) people are focused to appeal to either their emotional feelings or the authorities, Mr. Milgram used two people in this experiment, a teacher and a learner sitting in separate rooms. He told the teacher to say a list of words to the learner and the learner was supposed to reply by repeating this list of words. For each wrong, of if the learner does not comply, the teacher would hit the learner with an electric shock. To keep encouraging the learner to comply Mr. Milgram used four prods, such as, “Please continue”. Mr. Milgram observed the teacher and how he reacted to giving this “treatment”. He also noted how the teacher reacted to the; emotional distance, closeness and legitimacy of the authority (in this case Mr. Milgram) and the liberating effects of group influence (for ex. if there were several teachers in the same room).

The study proved that out of 40 men (0 to 50 years old), 5 of them fully complied with the Mr. Milgrams demands, and that’s over 60%. Mr. Milgram explains that it is easier to abuse someone if he is distant or depersonalised. But however strong the authorities are, a group of people will rise against the authorities as Mr. Milgram claims.

I personally believe that what Mr. Milgram claims is accurate because people have a conscience to which they turn when hard decisions are to be made. But though the experiment is very effective I think that it could’ve been made in a more humane way. I mean that the experiment could’ve been performed in a more theoretical manner and a not so much practical way. Other than this I think this a well-conducted and interesting experiment. If I were in the same situation as the teachers in this experiment I wouldn’t even think of hurting a man for the sake of science unless they’d pay me money.

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