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Once again, United States is in a war. Many lives are killed and many soldiers are putting their lives out to fight for the freedom of others. Many people around the world are protesting against the war and Americans families are crying for their loves one who died during the war. Who will win the war and when will it end? It is a question that everyone in the world is waiting for the answer. But before getting the answer one side must win the war. Using the war between United States and Iraq as an example for how to win the war. High technology weapons, well-trained troops and intricately plotted battle plan are the three major concepts in winning a war.

``Our high-tech advantage will make it easier for us to keep the peace, Bush told about 10 industry leaders at a White House forum. `` Munitions, grounds weapons, aircraft, warships, or any other mass destruction weapons with technologies such as Tactical Internet and Appliqu� software are all high technology weapons that are useful in winning the war. However, ground weapons, aircrafts and warships are one of the three important weapons that are used in any war. For example, in the war between the United States/Coalition and Iraq, the Coalition is using M1A1 Abrams battle tanks. With the armament of 10 mm M56 smooth bore cannon, .50-caliber M machine gun, 7.6 M40 machine gun, and 7.6 M40 machine gun. This M1A1 Abrams can contain four crew, with the maximum speed of 4mph and range of 65 miles.

As for aircraft, the Coalition U.S navy is using a D model called FF/A18 E/F Super Hornet. The primary function of this model is multirole attack and fighter aircrafts that is larger and has a longer range than previous F/A-18 models. The armament is an internal Vulcan 0mm cannon mounted in the nose. The Super Hornet can carry 17,750 pounds of conventional and precision bombs and missiles. With the speed of 1,00 mph, the E model is made for a single-seat while the F model is made for a dual seat.

As for any war, there are at least one warship carry aircrafts. USS Kitty Hawk was one of the U.S aircraft carriers. It has the armament of three Sea Sparrow launchers, and three 0mm Phalanx rapid-fire close-range gun systems. With the speed of 0-plus knot, the USS Kitty Hawks contain approximately 8,000 personnel in battle group.

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In general, winning the war requires well-trained troops. They may be trained in three different forms, which are weapons, physicals, and teamwork. For weapons, they can be train by using new technologies or weapons such as guns, tanks, and communication intranet. For example, one of the new technologies that the U.S troops are using to communicate with other soldiers is the Appliqu�. It is runs on the Solaris operating system rather than Windows. This Appliqu� also includes both long and short form text message system to augment voice radio commands that can be missed, misheard, or forgotten. Commanders can send encrypted orders individually or to groups. Individual soldier can message one another and it also can update troops locations come into the command post.

For physical training, Army, Navy and Marine have their own way of training. For instance, Army is mainly train using ground weapons such as tanks and they are trained to fight on the ground. As for Marine, they are capable of action in sea, on land, and in between. The last group is Navy, and they are train mostly at sea and they are in charge of warship.

Another way to win a war, command leaders of the country must have a clear battle plan on how to fight the war. Before they scratch down their battle plan they must have a reason for fight it. Different war may have different reasons but they may have one main goal, which is to capture or kill the high command of the enemy. For some countries like the United States had prepared its war-plan for nearly a year before the invasion. Military analysis, major flash points, and coalition are the three important concepts in planning a war. For military analysis the leaders must divide the troops into different functions. For instance in this war between U.S and Iraq, U.S main target is the capital city, Bagdad and their military base is Kuwait city. As planned the U.S first air strike the city and then rolled out two satellite-guide bombs on a major communication tower on the east bank of the Tigris River in downtown Baghdad. Then ground troops come in. Once they close to the capital city, air support again so they could weaken the republican guard unit. Then ground troops marched in from the North, South, and West of Iraq toward Baghdad. Again the ground troops executed surprise attacks.

As part of the plan, commander must have a prediction of time limit in how long the war will last. For example, last year the U.S commander predicts that this war will take 47 days for U.S troops to get within 50 miles of the outskirt of Baghdad. Military supplies such as weapons, foods, and maps also must be prepared before the battle start. For some occasion, military leaders must also prepare for un expected change such as execution of prisoner of war, which are troops who pretend to surrender to create a successful atmosphere for an ambush.

Flash points are very important. Commanders must know where their flash points are in order to win the war. For example, the U.S troops know that their starting point is in Kuwait city and their ending point will be at Baghdad. Coalition is another battle plan that play a major role in fighting the war because coalition between nations can increase the military power. There are approximately thirty thousand British military has deployed to the Persian Gulf region to support 50,000 U.S Army that is currently in Iraq.

Starting a war is easy but staring a peace is hard. Once in a while there will be countries fighting other countries for some reason. However, in order to end that war, one side must win, but how can they win? Winning a war consider three major points which is using high technologies weapons, well-trained troops, and well plotted plan battle. Generally, for any war, these points are important concepts in winning a war. For example, in the war between United States and Iraq, U.S leaders are using these three important concepts trying to win the victory for America in a very short coming time.

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