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I believe the Harry Potter phenomenon is a great thing. It is unbelievable to think that more and more children each day would rather read a book then watch television. I grew up in an age where all we ever did in our young childhood was watch TV and then eventually progressed to video games. I regret the fact that I never learned to like reading at a young age, I believe I suffered from that lack of interest all the way through my years of schooling. To find out that more children are taking up reading as a hobby because of one book is an awesome thing. The fact that children learn a love for reading at a young age will help them grow as learners in school and will led them on to great things.

The idea that the Harry Potter series is bad for children is absurd. Kids in today’s world can tell the difference from reality and make-believe. If parents think their child will learn bad things because the book deals with witch craft then the parents obviously are not doing a proper job of raising and teaching their children. The series of books is just a wonderful story that lets kids’ imaginations run wild. Letting their minds create a wild world like in the Harry Potter books will on help them grow as creative thinkers and doers. These books only help kids, they don’t harm them.

Harry Potter books, like all mystery books, have a wonderful affect on people. They create a world of unknown and intrigue. They let people’s minds run away for a short while when they immerse them-selves in a book. Mysteries help people escape just for a short while from the every day tortures of life and they are a release valve for stress that builds up inside of everyone.

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