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Early Man

If early man didn’t survive we wouldn’t be here today. Their physical appearance as changed from ape like skulls to modern human skulls. The use of fire as changed tremendously, and their brain size has changed over the millions of years. Early man’s physical appearance, use of fire, and their brain size was very important .5 million years ago.

Therefore early man’s physical appearance has changed a lot. It stared with an ape like skull to an modern human skull. Their foreheads were a little bit sloppy, but after a couple thousands of years it keep getting better. Then there was finally a species with a fully developed body, that was a 100% perfect in body wise.

Anyway the use of fire has changed tardily over the years. First early man would wait until lightening would strike a bush then camp were the bus was. They used the fire for light and warmth. Then they used coal from other fires and used that for hunting and cooking. Years went by and they stared using sticks and stones to start their fire, pottery and tools were also made with the help of fire.

To sum it all up the development of the brain has changed a lot. The use of fire, cooking, clothing, and language skills have changed tremendously. When their brain got bigger they could hunt and gather better, work together better and commutated a lot better. They could farm now since their brain size is bigger. When their brain got bigger they got smarter

Their physical appearance, fire, and brain size was very important .5 million years ago. Starting with ape like skulls to them making pottery with the help of fire and because there brain size got bigger. You can see that early man has changed a lot. As you see we are the lucky ones all because of the help of early man.

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