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This is an age of commercialism.The term consumer society is common and real in developed countries.The less developed and developing nations too are fast entering this rat race of buy and sell.Everything is seem in monetary terms.Even human relationships have a price.It is all a question of who can sell the most and who can afford to buy the most.The dollar seems to represent all that modern society stands for.

To cater to this great urge to buy entrepreneurs are flooding the markets with more and more and better and better commodities.The shops are lined with attractive goods designed to part a man from his money.As more and more people start producing goods to sell there will naturally be a duplication of goods in the market.How then will the producer persuade the buyers to buy his goods and not anothers?What strategy will he employ to ensure that his goods get a fair,if not the lions share,of the market?The answer is advertising.He will resort to advertisements to bring his commodities closer to the consumer.

The power of advertising is indeed strong.Its strength lies in fact that people like to be wooed.People also like to believe.The average man does not find it very easy to decide.He likes to have his decisions made for him.Advertising does this quite effectively.The way advertising companies have sprung up in large numbers testifies to their success.

As numerous and as varied as the products in the market are the advertising strategies used.Modern means of mass communication are many.Modern advertising uses all these means with telling effect.It is almost impossible to escape advertisements.Hoardings stare down at us from the sides of the roads.Neon signs wink above shops.Jingles and slogans assault our ears.Magazines contain more pictures of models and washing machines than articles.Soft drinks and soap are in full array on the TV screen.Against such constant and methodical onslaught what does the consumer have?Can any beauty coscious lady refrain herself from going out and buying the perfume which this popular actress uses?Can any young man not drink the wonderful soft drink which his favourite rock star assures him is the best?

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As far as those who are marketing the product are concerned asvertising does certainly help.It helps them to sell the product better.The consumer too is benefited.He gets to know the market better wothout having to go from shop to shop.He knows what is available.He finds out about the relative merits of the products and can therefore buy wisely.Of course advertising does inflate the price of the goods.When a woman buys a few cosmetics she pays 0% to some advertiser or the other indirectly.Advertising will,however,have helped her to know which are better cosmetics and she will make a better buy.

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