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The Death Penalty is it Right or Wrong

There are many confrontations between the death penalty being right or wrong and many different groups in the fight for and against it. I discovered two articles that one is for the death penalty and one is against it. The names of these two articles are “The Case against the Death Penalty,” in Progressive a journal, which is against this subject and “It is just and Right,” by Dudley Sharp and this article supports the death penalty. In the article “It is just and Right” the author Dudley Sharp brings up many good examples of how the death penalties is right, through facts about what numbers are actually true and is also very effective through the tone in which appeals through the emotions of the readers.

In the article “The Case against the Death Penalty” the authors argue that the death penalty is not right and is not fair for society. They state that “every human being deserves the dignity of life. This includes the most brutal murderers. We simply do not believe that premeditated, state-sanctioned killing is justifiable under any circumstances. The death penalty brutalizes us. It is an indication of how little our government values human life” (). This is pretty self-explanatory; the journal Progressive has a very powerful opinion on the death penalty as you can see.

In this article they cover the psychological aspect of capital punishment. In this article the authors interview Sister Helen Prejean who was portrayed by Susan Sarandon in the movie Dead Man Walking, and counsels death row convicts in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. She says that she witnesses many convicts on death row that have been psychologically tortured. She says throughout there sentence all inmates have the same nightmare, this is they are being dragged away to their death and then they wake up realizing that it is not their time yet. Sister Helen Prejean says this is what she calls “practice of torture” because the inmates stay on death row for so long they have to think when is there time coming and what they have to do before they die. She states, “Conscious human beings condemned to death anticipate death, have imaginations, and die a thousand times before they actually die” (). Saying why torture the inmates by sentencing them to such a horrible life. Throughout the article the authors state many different facts the detour you away from the death penalty.

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They state that there are many mistakes made with innocent people being put on death row. They also state how many government organizations actually support the death penalty and they think this is very wrong.

The article “It is just and Right,” by Dudley Sharp states how the death penalty is right and how the United States is right for keeping it in law. Dudley states, “The death penalty remains the most secure form of incapacitation, meaning that executed murderers do not harm and murder again. Living murderers do, quite often” (). This is what most people believe if they believe that the death penalty is just and fair. Throughout this article they state how the death penalty is right and is just for all people. The basic code that people live by if they believe in the death penalty is eye for and eye. This justifies why the death penalty is right.

Throughout this essay they state that the numbers saying that people on death row are actually innocent are actually exaggerated and they are actually a lot less then what is in the prisons now. Not saying that there have not been any mistakes but that it is very rare. It is stated in this article that only 100 innocent people have been released from prison since 17. Theses are the mistakes that the organizations against the death penalty are talking about.

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