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In order to successfully complete my degree I have to properly execute plans and decisions to utilize the results of the College Success instruments to my advantage. To begin with addressing action plans, I will address the College Success Inventory instrument first. Since I know that I do not involve my self to much in the college campus but also believe that this does not necessarily stop me from wanting and getting my college education, I will work on my other personality traits that are fairly strong. (Though I can familiarize myself with the colleges resources by accessing the Internet, reading the catalog, speaking to professors, and studying campus maps if and when I need to use these resources.) Being that family encouragement is strong in my life, I will make use of their support when I feel that I am straying from my goal. Through competition, I will further identify healthy competition and participate in good form. I can work on task precision by focusing on the end goal of projects, classes, and assignments and paying attention to the details that need for me to get there. As for expectations and time management, I can grab hold of what would be real for me by making sure that I take any situation I am currently in at the moment of planning into account so that I can realistically meet them. I will take more control and responsibility in school by not overestimating what I can handle; in particular the number of classes I should be taking and how much homework in one day I can take on. In all these, I can well adapt to a better wellness because I believe that prior to realizing these things my stress level was bringing me down.

To begin addressing the Discovery Wheel, I will work to make my motivation to attend college stronger by always keeping the end goal, the purpose of why I am here in college, in mind. Time has been taken into account above. Although my memory is rated as my top strength, I will keep it that way by exercising my brain and thinking abilities through reading by staying on top of assignments and taking proper notes. By doing so, this will strengthen my weakness of taking tests. In the diversity and relationship category, I have noted above in through the strength of my familys encouragement. Money and health have been addressed through wellness above.

If put into action, I believe the above plan will definitely help me succeed in college.

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