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Art Commission


Today’s working environment is filled with diverse individuals who are demanded to work together to achieve a single goal. Promoting this unity is dependent on the surroundings, which often include inspirational posters. These posters stress a safe and productive working atmosphere. They are rarely able to touch on the personal level of an employee’s life. The painting we choose to place in our work place is Dance by Henri Emile Matisse, created in 110. We preferred to use a painting that did not emphasize on religion, but on unity through the form of the body. There are many reasons why we choose this painting, the fact that the figures are dancing together, which reflexes an impression of unity.

Working Environment

There are too many corporations in the worlds that prefer a formal workplace environment. Some employers have attempted to create a rigid and controlling atmosphere for employees. There are corporations that do not allow employees to place any personal items in their cubicle or office areas. The opinion has been that this can be the best way to manage a successful business. These types of procedures can make employees feel like they work in a cage. The need to make their individual work area unique and distinctive is important to the morale of all employees. When employers do not consider the morale of employees, this approach can become very detrimental to a workplace.

Even though the workplace can be stressful at times, co-workers also have the ability to make each other feel comfortable and a very necessary part of the staff. When employees are at ease working together they tend to trust each other and help each other. This perception of camaraderie can have a positive impact on the ability to share ideas and evaluate new options. Working in this type of a contended atmosphere can be very productive and enjoyable.

Art Commission

The Painting

As a commission in 110 by Russian collector Serge Schukin, “Dance” is one of two pieces called “Dance and Music” that tower the walls in their massive size of The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. The painting itself is a symbol of unity, which we are hoping can help illustrate a group of people working together. The colors themselves work together to form unity with blue symbolizing Heaven, green to show earth and red to portray man. Through dance the figures show expression, yet the bodies are not specifically defined by detail. The inspiring way that Matisse shows expression without detail, expresses to all who stand in its shadows that we can let our emotions flow and that ideas are welcome.

Our intentions were that this painting could help to create a relaxing workplace environment and to create unity, because holding hands connects the figures in the painting, this can show a sense of partnership in the workplace. Holding hands can also exhibit an awareness of being connected to a similar purpose. These figures can also illustrate a group that is compatible, yet organized. Matisse drew the skin color of the figures the same, this can create a mood of equality amongst co-workers. The painting also displays a feeling of serenity and cooperation of employees to patrons and clients.

The Artist

Inspired by the great French painter, C�zanne and Gauguin, Henri Emile Matisse began his work later in his life unlike those before him. Stricken with appendicitis he quit his already built law career and started painting. The work we see in “Dance” is a style of art taken from years of re-inventing old styles and changing them into his satisfaction. In a web site called

Art Commission 4

All about Matisse, they tell us that as sophisticated as he was he still emphasized the importance of instinct and intuition. Matisse’s use of bright colors and his passion for life are greatly respected today. In his piece “dance” those qualities are exhibited not only visually but emotionally.


The intentions of our commission are to enhance the environment and create unity to those who enter as guests in this building and to those who work here and deserve to be motivated and inspired. The painting is to be displayed in its original size in the lobby of this office, showing its creativity as it was intended and to pass along that creativity and emotion to those who view it. The compatibility of this figure creates unity and equality in art, and would be placed in an area for those who enter to be reminded of their job and for those who leave so that they will take that equality as an inspiration for the world beyond the doors.

Art Commission 5

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