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Its said that literature brings to life, defines, and takes direction from historical period in which it were written, and this couldnt be further from the truth in the Anglo-Saxons period. This start in44 when the island of Britain was invaded by warlike Germanic people know as the Anglo and Saxons. The invader brought with them their pagan beliefs and tradition, which appear in a Anglo-Saxon poetry and legend. A perfect example come from the literature book were you could see how grim, fatalistic view of the world the Anglo-Saxons had. A Wifes Lament,’’ I sing of myself, a sorrowful women.”(15Pd) Caedmon “Life was first Through the lords word Named day Beauteous, bright creation!”(15Pd) Also at this time most literature was oral because most couldnt read, but it was composed in such a way that it way easily memorized. “The Anglo-Saxons were fond of poetry which developed and passed on by scops, or poet-singers. Eventually some of this oral literature was written down by monks in monasteries, who are largely responsible for having preserved oral material.”(16Pd).

After reading the Sea Farer you see Anglo-Saxons way of thinking of life. basically the ocean proved them nourishment but it was also a cold unforgiving place were storms would appear of the blue or pirates could attack your vessel at any time. this bleak view of life is express in the Sea Farer perfectly. “But there isnt a man on earth so proud, So born to greatness, so bold with his youth, Grown so brave, or so graced by God, That he feels no fear as the sails unfurl, Wondering what Fate has willed and will do.”(18Pd).

As I have stated before Germanic invader brought with them there pagan beliefs and traditions, which appear in Anglo-Saxon poetry and legends. These Germanic invaders were followed by Roman missionaries who converted Britain to Christianity , this accounts for literature of this time having both pagan and Christian influences. A perfect example of this is Beowulf in which there is a prevailing yet somewhat uneasy blend of Christian ethics and pagan morality. Against a backdrop of glom that reflects the Anglo-Saxons` stoic acceptance of fate, the story applauds the highest virtues of human nature-courage, generosity, faithfulness. Basically, the Anglo-Saxon period was one of despair and gloom this is reflected in the writing of the time. The truth is that these people didnt have much to be happy about; they were on an island being conquer every other day, never know were the next attack came from. They woke up not know if this was the day they were going to die. also you can see elements of Christianity and paganism in there work but also in the adaptation of pagan works to Christian influence.

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