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Proposal Give Tier 1 limited access to the rd Party Server logs so we can more extensively research rd Party orders at the Tier 1 level.

rd party orders are becoming an increasingly bigger piece of the sales pie. At this time orders processed via rd party amount to around $15 million per month and approximately 5000 orders pass through a rd party vendor each day.

With the increase in rd party usage comes an increase in issues associated with rd party accounts. In 00, the Service Desk logged approximately 68 tickets per month related to rd party. So far in 00 the Service Desk has logged around 6 rd party tickets per month. One of the issues we see on a daily basis is related to order research. rd Party users will call the Service Desk when they have not received an order they place through the rd party site. Large portions of these tickets are sent to Tier for resolution. In 00, order research tickets accounted for % of all rd party tickets logged. Of these, over half (51%) were sent to Tier .

Tier costs to resolve a ticket are approximately 8 times as much as if Tier 1 can resolve the issue. This creates an opportunity for cost savings. Having Tier 1 resolve an issue versus Tier results in a savings of $86/ticket. Based on our 00 average of 17 order research tickets/month (as of May 00) sent to Tier , this would result in a monthly cost savings of $146/month.

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In addition, average time to resolved these tickets sent to Tier is approximately 10 hours/ticket. By freeing up these 170 hours/month, Tier can work on more critical matters.


00 00

Total rd party tickets logged 814 4

Average # of tickets/month 68 87

Total rd party tickets related to order research 170 168

Order Research tickets as a % of total 1% %

Average # of tickets/Month 14 4

# of order research tickets sent to Tier 71 85

% of order research tickets sent to Tier 4% 51%

Average # of tickets/Month 6 17

Average Time to Resolve 1 hrs 10 hrs

Average cost per ticket to resolve issue Tier $ 100 $ 100

Average cost per ticket to resolve issue Tier 1 $ 1 $ 1


· Cost savings to the company (Approx.$146/month)

· Time savings to Tier (Approx 170 hrs/month)


· Training Tier 1 personnel (cost TBD). The cost savings from resolving tickets at the Tier 1 level would eventually offset this.

My proposal is to give to two people on our Tier 1 team limited access to the rd party server logs. rd party order research tickets that would have previously been assigned to tier can go to this group for research.

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