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United We Must Stand!

On October 5, 00, an international anti-war coalition group called ANSWER will

coordinate a march on Washington carrying banners opposing the Bush Administrations war

strategy. Countless articles can be found on ANSWERs web site criticizing U.S. military actions

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taken since the tragedy on 11. Their supporters come from every walks of life, religion, level of

education and socio-economic background. They believe that the Bush Administration lied to the

people, the Congress, and the United Nations when it waged war against Iraq for its own personal


ANSWER believes that U.S. soldiers are killing and being killed in Iraq in a war that

serves only the interests of U.S. oil monopolies and corporate elites. Comparing the Bush

administration with the corrupt and sadistic Hussein regime, that tried to take over Kuwait to gain

control of their oil fields. That is just not realistic. If Saddam would have succeeded in the

Kuwaiti takeover, September 11 would have been insignificant to what he would have funded in

terrorists actions against the U.S.. ANSWER coalitioners state that our troops are scared and

want to come home. I say our soldiers are heroes. They are remarkable. Naturally they miss their

home and loved ones and the rights and luxuries they enlist as Americans. But these brave

soldiers don’t take those rights for granted. They know that they have to fight to protect our

rights form dictators who fund terrorists and threaten everything America stands for. Be

Americans and don’t fund coalitions like ANSWER! “United we must stand! We must show our

solidarity against evil and terror. This war will show our power and our capabilities as a free

democracy and hopefully will cause fear in those unrelenting enemies. Our true enemies,


While American anti-war folks march in Washington on October 5, our troops continue

to fight for these people’s rights to express themselves without being butchered, maimed or

murdered. The “Freedom of Speech” and the “Right to Assembly” are only two of a very long list

of our Constitutional rights. Saddam Hussein abhors the rights we enjoy as Americans. He

gained power through the creation of fear in his people who dared to speak against his regime.

In Iraq, death squads roamed the streets killing innocent men, women and even children. Rather

then taking the power and moneys from his countries oil fields to better Iraqi’s lives, he took it

and funded terrorist actions against the “Free America”. Our freedom proves his dictatorship is

immoral and depraved. The Bush Administration is acting in view of those facts. The anti-war

coalitions persecution of the American administration, only counteracts our moralistic values our

troops are trying to protect. Its highly likely old Saddam is having a wicked laugh at Americas

detachment from what makes us a most excellent conglomerate, our unity.

The United Sates is the richest country in history. Now it is spending more on war than

any government in history. But money spent to rebuild what was lost on 11, is not a price

America should ever endure at the hands of terrorists again. It is owed to our nation to stomp out

these terrorists that are so contemptuous of innocent people everywhere at any monitory cost.

What it costs America to rid the word of terrorists, isn’t even comparable to the loss of the

millions who fought and died ridding the world of the nazi regime. No responsible leader could

have permitted Saddam Hussein to remain in Baghdad, yet America’s anti-war coalitioners

regurgitate more eloquent discourse about President Bush than they ever did about Saddam

Hussein, Osama bin Laden and the Al quaida.

On August 5, 00, Defense Secretary, Donald H. Rumsfeld, told military members in a

Town Hall meeting, on Lackland AFB that, 1“The United States did not ask for the war on

terrorism. But it is a war we have to fight and we have to win. There is no safe, easy, middle

ground. Either we take the war to the terrorists and fight them where they are or at some point

we will have to fight them here at home.” “In the years since the attacks on the United States,

we have taken down two terrorist regimes. At the same time we’ve taken out a large majority of

the worlds major terrorist coalitions.” (Rumsfeld, 8-5-0, para.15)

Once the news broke that U.S. troops had killed Uday and Qusai Hussein in a fire fight,

anti-war groups were outraged, accusing the Bush Administration of killing someones kids. This

is what passes for constructive criticism in todays anti-war coalition. Do we need to recount the

countless atrocities of Saddams sons? The joy they took in personally torturing Iraqis, and the

murders they ordered. Coincidentally, Bin Laden, and Hitler were somebody’s sons too. Guess

what! Those 50,000 troops were not just knocking off two kids. They were trying to free a

nation and protect our freedoms that apparently many Americans take for granted. Sometimes the

ends do justify the means. The deaths of Uday and Qusai Hussein and even the dictators personal

secretary marks dramatic progress in the reconstruction of Iraq. The number of Iraqis coming

forward to report former regime loyalists and weapons have increased dramatically. It signaled

that neither Saddam nor his supporters will be permitted to bring back the reign of terror. This

type of marked success is why anti-war and anti-militarism groups are so frustrated.

In a matter of just a few months of post war, our Armed Forces have made an amazing

difference in this newly liberated land. We have helped deliver millions of tons of food and

medical supplies. For the first time in history, the Iraqi citizens are not having a food or medical

crisis. Most banks are operating, and the Iraqi Central Bank is now paying salaries to police,

schoolteachers, hospital staff, petroleum workers and other key people. U.S. coalitions have

recovered thousands of tons of munitions, including rocket- propelled grenades and surface-to-air

missiles. Many of these weapons were stored in schools, hospitals and mosques. Almost all of

Iraqs hospitals and clinics are treating patients again and our forces are providing security for

many of them . The Iraqi children are now going to schools that are being used for education and

not weapon storage.

Of course, international terrorists are still adapting to counter U.S. tactics. As with the

bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad. Militants from Saudi Arabia, Syria ,Iran and

foreign al-Qaida-type fighters are entering Iraq to attack Western interests. They aim to cause

chaos, making it more challenging for our troops to succeed. All Americans must be patient. No

politician at any time has ever said that this war would be quick or easy. I don’t believe our

government is 100% satisfied with how everything has gone down in this war. But the post-war

effort was expected to be long and difficult. This war was not waged upon one country, but rather

all terrorists in many countries. The war against terrorism is broad banded and will be a long

battle. After 11, we could no longer turn our backs on dictators and the terrorists they have

been funding for centuries. We have to take down major terrorist groups and their primary

funders. We must stand united and defeat these enemies.

Anti-militarism groups continue to claim that our leaders are acting with a complete

absence of good faith. They refuse to believe the war in Iraq is part of the overall war on

terrorism. Logically speaking, whatever moral calculus used to inaugurate a war doesn’t really

depend on the government’s public justification for its actions. It might be appropriate to

“support” the American military actions that are taking place when those actions will inevitably

produce beneficial consequences. Consequences may be more important than motive or intent.

Once again, the ends sometimes do justify the means, and I believe this is one of those times. This

is not one mans war to defeat and control a third world country. Don’t fall into the convincing

and anti-American ANSWER coalition. This is the worlds war against terrorism. The kind of

terrorism that invaded our country on 11. United we must stand!

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