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Oedipus fate cannot be altered, his final destiny is set. The path Oedipus takes to get to his unavoidable fate can be altered although his actions and his manner make his downfall more dramatic. The gods laid Oedipus fate when he was young and although Oedipus tries to avoid his destiny the outcome is inevitable. Oedipus actions may change the road he takes to get there but in the end fate cannot be avoided.

Oedipus fate cannot be avoided and this is established and shown when he ends up in the situation of meeting Laius at the crossroads, resulting in Laius death. Although Oedipus pride and confronting manner makes him act the way that he does, the final outcome, that being Laius death, is unavoidable. Another instance where Oedipus tries to avoid his fate but ends up fulfilling it is when he marries his mother, Jocasta. Oedipus flees Corinth after hearing the prophecy from the oracle, believing that Polybus and Merope are his parents however fate directs him to his real Parents and subsequently causes him to murder Laius and marry Jocasta.

Oedipus on many occasions attempts to avoid his fate by doing things that he believes will result in his fate being unfulfilled however fate cannot be avoided. An example of this is when Oedipus flees Corinth, he sees this as running from those who he believes are his parents. This dramatic attempt at trying to avoid his fate show that Oedipus is willing to do a lot to avoid his destiny, including giving up his throne. Oedipus also tries to avoid his fate by marrying somebody who he considers to not be his mother There is nothing to fear. Though I be proved slave-born to the third generation, your honour is not impugned. Page 55 suggests that Oedipus believes that the only thing Jocasta is fearing is that of his possible poor past family generations. Oedipus blames everyone but himself for the murder of Laius as shown by the line I here pronounce my sentence upon his head. No matter who he may be, he is forbidden. Therefore banishing himself, as he believes he did not murder Laius, dramatic irony.

The arrogance of Oedipus alters his path to fulfill his fate and makes the downfall more dramatic. Oedipus arrogance can be shown in his insults on Teiresias where he says Shameless and brainless, sightless, senseless sot! suggesting that by doing this Oedipus is insulting a friend of the gods and subsequently will be dealt with harder then first planned. His insults on Teiresias carry over onto Creon and the line By no means I would have you dead, not banished. Is a harsh and arrogant punishment for Creon to receive and shows that Oedipus is searching for a scapegoat due to his belief that he is exempt from the murderer of Laius. Further aggression on the Shepherd who is telling Oedipus his past shows that Oedipus way of dealing with difficult situations is through violence. This can be shown in Oedipus line Answer! If I must speak again, you die!.

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Although Oedipus fate cannot be avoided the path to it can be altered due to both his actions and his arrogance. The arrogant approach Oedipus takes towards difficult situations makes his downfall more dramatic.

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