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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, the dominant theme focuses on the death of the American Dream. The American Dream has been transformed from a pure ideal of security into a scheme of materialistic power. Unlike most people in the novel, Jay Gatsby’s American Dream is not material possessions, although it may seem that way. He only comes into riches so that he can fulfill his true dream, which is Daisy. Gatsby feels that that through wealth and power, one can acquire happiness. Throughout the novel, he must reach into the past and relive an old dream. Finally, at the end of the novel, he dies in pursuit of recapturing the American Dream.

The central character in the novel, Jay Gatsby, longs for the past. He devotes most of his life trying to recapture his love affair that he once had with Daisy. As a younger man, he was in love with Daisy, but he could not marry her because of the difference in their social status. He leaves her to find wealth in order to reach her economic standards. Once this wealth is acquired, he moves near daisy. “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.” (8) He throws extravagant parties but watches them from a distance, hoping that one day Daisy will drop by.

When his dream of one day running into Daisy at one of his parties does not come true, he asks around if anyone knows her. Soon, he meets Nick Carraway, a cousin of Daisy, who agrees to set up a meeting. Jordan Baker tells Nick, “He wants to know…if you’ll invite Daisy to your house some afternoon and then let him come over.” (8) After he reunites with her for the first time in many years, he believes that Daisy is still in love with him. He is convinced of her love for him when he takes the blame for Myrtle’s death. “Was Daisy driving?” “Yes…but of course I’ll say I was.” (151) He also watches and protects Daisy as she returns home. “How long are you going to wait?” “All night if necessary.” (15)

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Nick attempts to show Gatsby that his dream will probably not come true, by saying that the past cannot be repeated. Gatsby replies by saying, yes you can. This shows the confidence he has in fulfilling his American Dream. Gatsby does not rest until his American Dream is finally fulfilled. However, it never comes about and he ends up paying the ultimate price for it, his life. Although Gatsby is killed, his dream dies before then. Moments before his death, Nick says, “He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon scarcely created grass.” (16) Gatsby’s hopes and dreams are shattered as he lies in his pool, feeling as if his life has ended.

The idea of the American Dream still holds true in today’s time as well as yesterday’s. Whether it is wealth, love, or fame, everyone desires something in life. Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, shows the journey of a young boy in search of freedom. The play, “Raisin in the Sun” portrays an African American family in search of making a better life for themselves. In conclusion, it can be demonstrated that throughout history, the American Dream can be portrayed through many different ways.

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