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Sin in the Believer - Gambling

Historical Facts

The Romans worshipped a goddess of FORTUNE & CHANCE. The Roman poet Juvenal wrote of her

saying, Thou wouldst have no divine power if we were prudent. The Romans held festivals and

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erected temples in her owner. One temple was called Felicitas which means good fortune or

good luck.

The Roman lawyer and satirist Juvenal (60-140A.D.) characterized gambling as a domineering vice of the


Experiences of the past have crystallized into a general public conviction that LOTTERIES are to be

regarded, in direct proportion to their extension, as among the most dangerous and prolific sources of

human misery (Lotteries In American History by A. R. Spofford - 18). He made this statement as a

result of the experiences in America...

- In 175 Pennsylvanias Provincial Assembly banned lotteries, denouncing them as a public and common

nuisance, stating in its edict that they were introductive to vice, idleness and immorality;

injurious to trade commerce and industry; and against the common good, welfare and peace of the


- In 18 the Grand National Lottery, which was instituted to finance road and canal improvements in

Washington, D.C. Tickets sold well, but the agents who conducted the lottery ran off with every


- By 1860 all states but Louisiana had banned state lotteries.

- In 184 Louisiana finally outlawed their lottery after discovering that of the $0 million dollars collected

only $40,000 found its way into the state treasury.

Many believe that the great Chicago Fire of 1871 was started when Mrs. OLearys cow kicked over a

lantern. Others that Mrs. OLearys son and his friends were in the barn, involved in a lively gambling

game called craps. In all the excitement one of the shooters knocked over the lantern that started the fire.

Gambling in Canada

188 - The first Criminal Code of Canada was enacted and contained provisions that prohibited gaming-

houses, lotteries, cheating at play, and gambling in public conveyances.

100 - The law was changed to allow small scale raffles to be held for charitable or religious ends.

100 - 16 - Bingos, raffles, casinos became prevalent as charities and exhibition associations held

exclusive jurisdiction over gambling in Canada.

16 - Quebec and the City of Montreal responded to mounting financial pressures and introduced

Canadas first lottery. As it was deemed illegal by the Supreme Court, a law was passed legalizing

government-run lotteries.

By 185 - Provinces obtained a monopoly on gambling. All charities must obtain a provincial license to


18 - The first slot machines were introduced at Canadas first permanent casino in Manitoba.

10 - The first non-casino electronic gambling in New Brunswick through video lottery terminals

(VLTs) in stores and bars.

Today, there are permanent casinos and slot machines in all but Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick,

and Newfoundland. Video lottery play has been introduced in all but Ontario and British Columbia. The

last 11 years have seen the development of 54 permanent casinos and the introduction of 5,000 electronic

gambling machines in Canada. There are now over 1,000 slot machines, 8,000 video lottery terminals,

0,000 annual bingo events, and 44 permanent horse race tracks in Canada (Azmier, 000).

In 000, $5. billion dollars was collected by governments in Canada from gambling. This was .6% of

the total revenue. The lowest % is in BC at .76% ($55M). NS is the highest at 5.4% ($167M). NB is

.16% ($87M)

Isnt This Gambling ...

- Giving of prizes is not gambling if you do not have to risk anything to get the prize.

- Insurance is not gambling. The purpose of insurance is to spread the liability and risk of accident, illness,

injury or death around. Insurance does not create the risk. It is probably the most effective way of

seeing that needs and expenses incurred, if such should happen, are able to be paid for.

- The stock market involves speculation. It is possible for most (if not all) to win as over time the market

historically rises.

What Is Gambling?

Something of value is risked by the bettor who MAY receive a payoff determined by chance. Most lose

their stake.

The Church and Gambling

Historically, the Bible preaching church has long looked upon gambling as incompatible with the

Christian life. Early Church pastor, Tertullian said, If you say that you are a Christian when you

are a dice-player, you say you are what you are not, because you are a partner with the world.

(Money, Mania, Morals by L. Starkey Jr. p.5).

to risk money haphazardly in gambling is to completely disregard the Biblical truth that our possessions

are a trust for which we must someday give full account to God! (M. R. DeHaan).

Mississippi riverboat gambler, George Devol, used to like to trick ministers into betting against him. They

would always lose and then Devol would give them their money back accompanied by this advice

Go and sin no more.

Gambling Is Idolatrous - God commands us to live a life of faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Gambling Is Stealing - The gains of the winners are paid at the expense of the losers. In winning, one

receives the wages that another person has earned without giving anything in exchange.

(Gambling, Kober; p. & 8). Just because it is robbery by consent does not make it right.

Ephesians 48 Let him that stole steal no more but rather let him labour, working with his

hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

Gambling Is Based On Covetousness - Gambling is an attempt to get something for nothing twisted by

the willingness to take a risk. It is the desire to get rich quick without working for it. The desire

to gamble is fueled by the love of money and we know the love of money is the root of all [kinds

of] evil (I Timothy 610). …which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and

pierced them-selves through with many sorrows.

Gambling Is Poor Stewardship Of What God Has Entrusted To Your Care - I Corinthians 4 1-

Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.

More-over it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

Gambling Is Addictive - I Corinthians 61 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not

expedient all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

Nick the Greek (Nicholas Andrea Dandolos) won as much as $50 million in a single night. By his

account, he went from rags to riches and back again 7 times in his life. During his life time he

won and lost more than $500 million. He died broke, on Christmas day in 166.

How about Casino Gambling?

In the first six years of casinos in Minnesota, the crime rate in counties with casinos increased more than

twice as fast as in non-casino counties. According to an analysis by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the

median crime rate in casino counties rose percent during that period as compared to an 18 percent

increase in non-casino counties.

· The total number of crimes within a 0-mile radius of Atlantic City increased by 107 percent in the nine

years following the introduction of casinos to Atlantic City.

· The Mississippi Gulf Coast experienced a 4 percent increase in crime in the four years after casinos

arrived. Harrison County, where most of the Gulf Coast casinos are located, witnessed a 58

percent increase in total crimes between 1 and 16.

· A U.S. News & World Report analysis found crime rates in casino communities to be 84 percent higher

than the national average. Further, while crime rates nationally dropped by percent in 14, the

1 localities that introduced casinos in 1 saw an increase in crime of 7.7 percent the following


· The number of court cases filed in Tunica County, Mississippi, went from 68 in 11, the year before

casinos began operating there, to 11,100 in 16.

· The annual number of calls to the Ledyard, Connecticut, police department jumped from 4,000 to 16,700

within five years after the opening of the nearby Foxwoods Casino.

· University of Nevada-Las Vegas researchers concluded that the state of Wisconsin experiences an

average of 5,00 additional major crimes a year due to the presence of casinos in that state. They

also attributed an additional 17,100 arrests for less-serious crimes each year to the existence of

casino gambling.

· Nevada ranked first in crime rates among the fifty states in both 15 and 16, based on an analysis of

FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics. Further, the violent crime rate in Nevada increased by close

to 40 percent from 11 to 16, a period in which the national violent crime rate dropped by

approximately 10 percent.

· The San Jose, California, police department reported significant increases in crime in the vicinity of a

new cardroom in the year after its opening. Narcotics offenses increased by 00 percent, property

crimes by 8 percent, petty thefts by 56 percent, auto thefts by 1 percent, and traffic accidents by

55 percent in a single year.

· The number of police calls in Black Hawk, Colorado, increased from 5 a year before casinos to between

15,000 and 0,000 annually after their introduction. In neighboring Central City, the number of

arrests increased by 75 percent the year after casinos arrived. In Cripple Creek, Colorado, serious

crime increased by 87 percent in the first three years after casinos.

· The annual number of felony cases filed in Lawrence County, South Dakota, has increased by

approximately 6 percent since the introduction of casinos to Deadwood.

· Half of Louisiana District Attorneys surveyed in 15 noted gambling as a factor in rising crime rates in

their jurisdictions.

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