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Percentage of Water in a Hydrate

Objective To determine the percentage of water in crystallized barium chloride, and to figure out the formula of the hydrate.

Matierials Equipment Chemical Reagents

-crucible -Barium Chloride Crystals

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-crucible cover






-iron ring

-kim wipes


1)Rinse crucible and cover with purified filtered water, then place crucible in triangle on iron ring, above flame, and ignite. Heat crucible for 5-10 minutes, until red hot.

)Remove crucible from triangle, utilizing tongs (because the crucible is HOT!!!). Allow the crucible to cool and using a kim wipe to transport the crucible to scale accurately weigh the crucible and record this weight.

)Return the crucible to its spot in the triangle( using kim wipes to make sure no greasy fingerprints get on crucible) and again heat the crucible to red hot for 5-10 minutes. Remove crucible utilizing the tongs and allow to cool. Once cool accurately weigh the empty crucible again. Repeat the re-heat and weigh sequence until the crucible consecutively reads within . mg,record this final weight.

4) Utilizing the scale weigh the crucible and add approximately 5 grams of Barium Chloride crystals to the crucible,record this weight of the crystals.

5)Carefully return the crucible,Barium Chloride Crystals, and Cover to the trangle above the flame and heat the crucible intensively for 10-15 minutes.Remove the crucible,Barium Chloride Crystals, and cover from heat and allow to cool.Once cooled weigh the crucible and barium Chloride crystals accurately on the scale. Record this weight.

6)Again using a kim wipe so as not to get any greasy fingerprints on the crucible and throw off the accuracy of the lab return the crucible and Barium Chloride to the triangle and heat to red hot for 5 minutes.Remove the crucible from the triangle and allow to cool before accurately weighing.If this mass is the same as the prior mass as to .001 g you may assume all water has been driven off, if not continue heating and reweighing.



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