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Parkland by Victor Kelleher depicts the brave story about a girl named Cassie who leads a pack of baboons and humans to try and find new life outside their sanctum. Kelleher’s book outlines key social issues like survival, power and trust. It is an exceedingly dark book which expresses tragedies and inequalities.

The Feral people believed in survival of the fittest and it was everyone for themselves probably because they lived nomadic lives and were always being hunted by the Leopogs, Cassie however, contradicted to that, she was more compassionate and wanted everyone to be together, she believed bonding was the key. Hybrids didn’t know about life outside of Parkland because they had it easy, and were fed by the keepers.

Parklands enclosure denied the will to be free. Cassie had the vision to escape because she knew there was a world outside of Parkland and was more curious than desperate, that unfortunate decision led to people being killed and the upset of the Elders who thought that they were already free in Parkland.

Corruption was an issue that came with the desire for power; Clark was blinded by power and had no regard for lives of other. This can be related to a quote from Lord Acton “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely”. Clark was always quick to send for the Leopogs anytime something went wrong and never thought twice about it.

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The Hybrids did believe in Cassie when she told them her vision and they did trust her because she was very intelligent and also because of her stubborn and persuasive ways. There was also a great deal of trust in Cassie from Ralph and Boxer and even though they knew she was far more intelligent, Cassie treated them all equally. Leon also learnt a whole deal of trust from Cassie. All this trust in Cassie is somewhat overwhelming but it does make sense considering that she is faithful to her dear friends and would go to extreme lengths to ensure their safety.

The concept of the book, the whole idea and getting to understand how or why the elders decided to come to Earth may seem confusing because this is what Victor Kelleher’s hallucination of how the future will be, humans turning against humans in war, it all comes down to power, the act of wanting more and more, the desire for power and money is growing. Nelson Mandela once said “it is not our darkness, but our light which scares us; we are more powerful beyond measure”. Kelleher’s perspective of our world is just like what the feral people believed, it’s everyone for themselves, humans are not willing to be one, people are associating with the same kind, and what he believes is that we need more people like Cassie in this world, people who see humanity as one. This dark book written by Kelleher is like a message, in his mind from the future which warns us, if we do not want a place like Parkland, then we all need to change, even though the book isn’t meant entirely to be taken literally, it is just an idea of where human life is going.

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