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In the eighteenth century, many paintings were done by famous painters, and some were often done with the medium of oil on canvas, such as ¡§Palo Atto Spring¡¨ and ¡§A Burial at Ornans¡¨. ¡§Palo Atto Spring¡¨ was painted by Thomas E. Hill in 1878, and ¡§A Burial at Ornans¡¨ was painted by Gustave Courbet in 184.

The ¡§Palo Atto Spring¡¨ painting is a painting of the Stanford Family, relative, and friends at the Palo Alto Stock Farm, the future site of the university. This piece is now at the Stanford museum hung for display, and this is a seven by eleven and half foot painting that is display with six spot lights from different angles. Two aimed at the top center, two at the top two corners and reflected on the two sides of the golden frame, and lastly, two shines at the main center and reflected on the bottom side of the frame. The three sides of the golden frame serve the purpose of showing the painting is highly valuable by others. When look closely of the painting, the brush stokes shows that certain parts are considered thick painting, while other parts are thin painting. Also the perspective point is clearly showed, along with the distance of depth. Because the lightest part is the farthest image of the painting, the house-like figure. Within the painting, we can see the lights shown through the forest and shone upon the people, which gave the feeling of warmth summer. Through the blurriness, we can see what is farther away from us, and those people that are not as important as others. Though many people are gathered at this yard to spend time together, many of them seem out of attention, dazzled, or just simply minding their own business. For example the three children at the right playing lawn croquet, the one in suit kneeling down with one knee, he seems out of the game, and there is something that catches his eyes from the direction of the audience, us. The boy is not the only one that has that out of attention look on his face, if we look at this painting closely, we can realize the people are broken into groups, and the groups are all looking into different directions, and seems dazzled.

The people from the painting were all dressed in the traditional style, and can be noticeable acknowledge the healthiness in their family. Within the painting, some of the well-dressed girls and boys were playing lawn croquet, while another girl was on a tree swing. Thomas E. Hill had used the technique of having one of the lawn croquet playing hole right at the edge of the lower center of painting. So when viewers are stood in front of the painting, like I did when I went to the museum, the painting seems not that far away, it can easily be reached and steps into.

In some ways ¡§Palo Atto Spring¡¨ and ¡§A Burial at Ornans¡¨ are similar, because the people from ¡§A Burial at Ornans¡¨ seems like they are gathered for a funeral, but they are also broken up into groups, some minding their own business or dazzled. Though ¡§A Burial at Ornans¡¨ also has children in the painting, but obviously the two is not into what the purpose of being there was. The boy closer to us, he is dazzled, and just ready to go home, and the one in the back is talking to one of the adult. The children from ¡§Palo Atto Spring¡¨ was the same, they were seemed as if they just want time to past faster, so they don¡¦t have to sit there and do nothing. Gustave Courbet also used the technique of having only half of the hole shown at the edge of the painting. So, we as the viewers seem as if we are stood right in the setting. With this technique, many viewers would think that there is no way that they could stood in front of the painting without the feeling of drawn into the painting itself. Both of these paintings are painted with techniques, and well thought of expressions of the different characters within the paintings; therefore, both paintings are respected by the society today.

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