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Outsiders of Society

People in society often find themselves in the center of an internal conflict. Some

people feel they are more on the outside of society looking in on it rather than being a

part of society. In The Great Gatsby, The Grapes of Wrath, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s

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Nest, and Invisible Man, the protagonist in each novel all share the same internal

conflict of being an outsider and not being accepted by society.

In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the protagonist Gatsby is always

thought of as a rich, confident, and very popular person who throws these lavish parties

for the upper class. Gatsby attends these parties that he hosts, but he never appears to be

there.Gatsby is rich by his fortune through bootlegging and although he may seem to fit

in with the upper class, he is not one of them. In fact, he is the opposite of what everyone

portrays him to be. If he did not throw these parties, no one would come around Gatsby’s

place. He merely is a part of society by having these parties to show off some of his

wealth. But he no matter how rich or how great his parties are, they will not make him

the person he pretends to be. Gatsby lies about his past to some of the people he talks to

so the rich will seem him as important, rather than worthless. If society knew his true

past, they would have nothing to do with him. Gatsby has little confidence and feels he

needs to overwhelm people with appearance rather than personality.

In much the same way, in the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken

Kasey. Randle Patrick McMurphy is an man who is admitted to an insane asylum.

Although he is clearly not insane, McMurphy pretends just so he will not go to jail.

McMurphy is an individual who is challenging and rebelling against the systems rules

and practices. He eventually teaches this practice of rebellion to the other patients who


begin to realize that their lives are being controlled unfairly by the people who run the

mental institution. When McMurphy first arrives at the institution, all of the other

patients are afraid to express their thoughts to the Big Nurse. They are afraid to exercise

their thoughts freely, and believe that the Big Nurse will punish them if they question her

authority. The theme of this novel is the rejection of those unlike normal society. The

government then places these nonconformists in mental institutions so it will not have to

deal with them. This is societys way of ditching those with nonconformist attitudes so

they will disappear from the world and be forgotten. The government will always wish to

have control over people in some form or another, especially those who refuse to

conform to societys desired standards. McMurphy demonstrates the struggle of those


In related novels, John Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath is a realistic novel that

mimics life. Typical of many families of that time period, the Joads are driven off the

land by far away banks and set out on a journey to California to find a better life.

However the journey breaks up the family, their dreams are not realized and their

fortunes disappear. With the Joads as they travel, we meet the dark underside of

capitalism with its uncontrolled poverty, its inhuman greed and human cost, and sense a

fractured trust between government and people. The protagonist, Tom Joad, is free on

probation but breaks it when he moves to California with his family. Tom and his family

are oppressed by the “non oakies.” Since they have no money, society views them as poor

immigrant workers. They are not accepted because they do not have the means to do well

in the world.

In the last novel, Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellsion, the novel begins with the

talking of narrator, but he never reveals his name. What he does reveal though is that he


is black. Since he is black, people consider him invisible, hence Invisible Man.

American society willfully ignores and oppresses African Americans. An incident took

place one day at a store where the lights went out causing the store to go dark and the

narrator accidentally bumped into a white male. The white man hurled an insult at him

and the narrator attacked the white man because he thought that the white man was

making a racist remark. But it turns out that the white man just couldn’t see him, because

he appeared invisible. Though the main character remains confused, there are certain

instances based on racial incidents that allow the character, if not to have found himself,

to ponder more and deeper questions about his identity and to be accepted by society.

Invisible Man is as perplexed as ever as to his identity, but he is, in no way, the same

man he was early on. He has changed and will continue to change.

All four of these novels connect in such a way that the protagonist in each novel

are considered an outsider of society and is not accepted by them because of who they

are. Each protagonist makes a journey for himself through the book in order to become

an insider. Unfortunately, there wish never comes true, and they are still oppressed by

society, but each protagonist has become a changed person when they finish their


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