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In trying to find a client for my Growth and Development paper, I found myself at P.B. Day Care Center; the day care I went to as a child.

PBDCC is a public day care for children ages -5. While most children who attend do speak English as their primary language, some children speak Spanish only.

The staff is bilingual, and teach both English as well as Spanish. There are approximately 50-75 students total. I decided to go upstairs where the bigger kids are.

I observed all the children for a while before zeroing in on a little boy named J.T. J.T. was the youngest of the bigger kids. He had just turned 4 the day before

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classes started. One teacher suggested that he may be interesting to observe since he was new to upstairs and was still trying to adjust. J.T. lives at home with his

mother (a banker), his father (a fireman), and his older brother (yrs. old).

Theoretically, according to Erikson, J.T. is in the Initiative vs. Guilt stage. He will develop initiative if he is made to feel positive about an activity. At this same

time his conscience is also developing; he is learning right from wrong and will feel guilt if his inner voice tells him that he is bad. Children at this age feel a great

sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their activities. Physically, 4-year olds have an average weight of 6 /4 lbs and an average height of 40 1/ inches.

Their body types are slender and sturdy. They learn by example, yet are very independent. Their motor skills are more developed and they can use scissors

efficiently and can catch a ball reliably. During play,these children like to imitate adult behaviors make believe is a reality at this time. These children tend to identify

more with the parent of the opposite sex, and like to tell tales of thier family to others. (Wong, Ch.1).

J.T.seems to fit the theoretical description above fairly well. He is 5 lbs and inches tall (there was a scale in the nurses office). He definitely had a sense of

initiative. He was building a tower for me, and each time I gave him praise he would tell me, watch, I can do it bigger. He definitely seemed to have that great

sense of accomplishment! When he built it too high, the tower fell and broke. He looked at me and I did sense some shame there, as if his inner voice was telling

him that he was bad. After being told it was ok, he seemed fine. We then went to play with Play-Doh. He asked me to show him how to make a hotdog, but

then said, Me do it halfway through the demonstration. There goes the learn by example and very independent part! He told me alot about his family, including his

bird Chippy. However, he seemed to identify more with his father rather than his mother as the textbook says he should. He talked alot about his dad riding in the

fire truck, and also said he wants to be a fireman.

J.T. seems to be still working on the initiative vs. guilt issue. His motor skills seem to be exactly where they should be at this stage. He can walk down stairs

using alternate footing, and can catch a ball. His language is also where it should be as he is able to name almost all his colors, and can count to 0 in both English

and Spanish. He is able to remember simple songs and is also very inquisitive. Socially he enjoys entertaining, and is very social. He seems to have lost most of the

egocentristic attitude which I attribute to having an older sibling.

In an effort to promote optimal developmental advancement I believe that the main goal with this child is to promote a feeling of initiative rather than guilt. He

should be praised whenever he does something good, yet not told that he is a bad boy when he does something wrong. His parents should instead explain to him

that he is not bad, but rather what he did was bad and explain why. Supportive parenting will continue to help J.T.s development into the School-Age or

Industry vs. Inferiority stage.

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