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the society need to reexamine how they portray gender roles and perhaps think about programs to revise it. I think the biggest influence on gender roles is the television. Television shows portray the male characters as active, noisy, and aggressive, while the girl characters are shown as domestic, concerned about appearance and so on. It really is having a huge impact on the youth. For example, my sister Emma, is seven years old and in love with the infamous Brittany Spears. Brittany is always shown in mid drift showing shirts, with an emphasis on her large breasts and her dancing seductively. My sister wants to be like her. She wants to have those large breasts. She thinks they are necessary to become a beautiful woman. I kind of feel bad for my sister she is at the vulnerable age where she is tempted to strive to become someone that is virtually impossible. A person’s body figure is mostly genetic and my sister is going to have a hard time accepting what she was given.

I use to think puberty was the most embarrassing phase for any child to grow through. With everyone going through it at different times and different rates it really made my junior high classes look really funny. However all I knew was, when I was twelve years old, I wanted big breasts and to get that thing called my period. My mom I remember took my in private one day and told me to carry around a few pads just in case. However after that talk, my period didn’t come until two years later, until I was fourteen years old. I waited and waited during those two years for it to come. I use to read and reread this pamphlet that was handed out in fifth grade that detailed the period called puberty. I thought once my period came I would have that womanly body that I ever so desired. However, my period came and it wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t feel like more of a women and my breasts seemed to be the same size. In fact, my mother barely said anything about the effects of menstruation.. To be honest, I was quite disappointed. I still looked and felt like a little girl, just a little girl who had to make sure she had supplies for that “special” day. In addition any questions I had about my period I would ask my girl friends whom I thought had the answers to everything. My friend Nicole told me how she got a tampon stuck in her and how she remained in the bathroom for hours on end trying to get it out. I then grew a fear that a tampon could get stuck and never would come out. I guess, I kind of learned how to be a “woman” from my friends and television.

Now, that I’m nineteen years old and im watching my sister goes through puberty at age eleven, I am noticing a big difference. First off she is going through puberty three years earlier then I did. I couldn’t imagine having to worry about my period at that young age. She is much more verbal about herself going through puberty then I was, I was much more secretive and shy about it. She wants people to know she is wearing a bra unlike me when I was at her age. She does not care if the family knows that she is menstruating. She makes a joke out of it. I’m not quite sure why this change in behavior came about. I would guess I was the first girl in my family to go through puberty so it was very hush, hush. But, since I and my other sister have been through it, I guess my mother is much more comfortable with it now allowing my sister to be more comfortable with it as well. I wish though that I went through puberty with as many smiles and laughs as she is. For me it was definitely very secretive and uncomfortable time.

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