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My Dog Daisy

My Dog Daisy, she is a German Shorthaired Pointer. She is about a year

old, and a medium sized dog. She is a hyper but good dog.

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Daisy face is all brown with dark yellow eyes. Her eyes like pop out

because they are so yellow. Her ears are very big and floppy. She always has one of

her ears flipped up over her head. Her neck and down is white with four big

brown dots on her back and sides. Daisy’s legs have tons of little brown dots

from the knee down. Her tail only about five inches long wags like crazy when

she is hyper. She is so skinny you can see her ribs through her side. All you

see on her is muscle.

Daisy has one of the most annoying whines ever, it is known as the bird

call. She does this when she wants something, which is quite often. Daisy also

barks a lot, she does this when the doorbell rings or at joggers. Her most

famous sound is the howl. She howls like a wolf at the moon, that only happens

when sirens go off though. Also when Daisy is in her cage to let us know that

she wants out she scratches at the cage door which makes a rattling noise, very

annoying as well.

Daisy is very smooth. Daisy’s nose is very wet and sometimes cold or

warm. She always rubs it on people. Her ears are the softest thing though, the

are just so floppy. They are really fun to play with. She is like silk if you comb it

the right way, if you go against the hair then her fur is rough.

Daisy does not smell the best. Daisy smells like a dog. That smells like

sweet, water, grass, dirt and poo all together. When we give her a bath she still

smell bad so there is no fixing it.

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