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Most people call me Crispus Attucks; others call me the best darn merchant seaman in all of town. I was born as a slave in 17. However, being the brilliant man I am, I managed to escape into Boston. In addition to that, I am a patriot and a member of the Sons of Liberty. Now, enough about me let’s talk about how foolish the British are.

I just do not understand why those light-headed British had to put taxes on all the colonies. It’s rather stupid if you ask me. I completely disagree with the Stamp Act. Taxing all these goods does nothing to our society, it just makes us suffer and live in misery. Perhaps if I weren’t a run away slave I wouldn’t be so upset about this taxing policy but, I am what I am and I’m darn proud of it! I can hardly live without all these taxes so what good does making things more expensive, especially towards the colonists, do for me? It is only fare for the English to be taxed on by legislatures that represent us. The Parliament has destroyed our common rights so of course I have a good reason to be upset.

The Sugar Act was just as useless and pitiful as the Stamp Act. I guess the British really don’t have any brains inside of their ugly heads. Why on earth would they want to tax sugars and enter them into our colonies? Of course the British need money because they steal and they don’t know how to deal with money. However, their problems shouldn’t be coming in on us. In addition, just because the war benefited the colonies, that does not mean we need to pay the British’s debt. They are the ones who lost the war. Therefore they are the ones who need to be suffering.

The Boston Massacre was one of the most terrible and disturbing things I have ever witnessed in all of my life. Us five colonists have got our rights to stand up to whom ever we want and tell them what’s on our mind. The British dumb-nut soldiers of course have to panic and shoot. What was going on in their heads when they pulled their triggers? We might have said some threatening words here and there, but they should have acted like real men and dealt with it. I even had my lucky charm my great grandfather had given with me while saying my wise words to the British. You may never know when you are living your last days, so do what you can, and stand up for what you believe in.

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