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1 The theory of continental drift

By Alfred Wegener

evidence of continental dirft

Scientists reject Wegener

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The Theory

In 110 a German

meteorologist Alfred Wegener

proposed that at one time all of the

continents joined together to make

up a single landmass and that they

drifted apart.

Wegener called this theory

Continental Drift. Wegener named

large landmass that existed 00

million year ago Pangaea (all

lands) and that over tens of million

of year it break apart.


As Wegener was piecing together

maps of South America and Africa

he noticed that the mountain range

in Argentina lined up with the one

in South Africa, he also noticed

that the coal fields in Europe

matched up with one similar in

North America. Wegener also

used fossil to support his theory for

example fossil traces that were

found in rock in Africa were found

in South America also.

Wegener used evidence of

climate to support his theory,

Spitsbergen is an island covered in

ice in the Arctic Ocean, they

havefound fossil of tropical plants

on the island.

Scientist reject the


Wegener provided alot of

answer about continental drift, he

even offered explanation to how

the mountains formed.

Unfortunately he could not proved

a good scientifically explanation

for the force that push or pulls the

continents. Most geologist rejected

the idea of continental drift

because he did not provided the

force that cause continental drift.

Even though that Alfred

Wegener?s theory of continental

drift was rejected he continued to

collect evidence of continental drift

so that he could one day prove

that the earth was a large

landmass and that it broke apart

because of continental drift

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