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The assassination of a U.S. President is the most violent single act, short of war, which can be inflicted upon the American society. The President is our only nationally elected official and is the individual embodiment of national hopes and aspirations. It is through the President by which we each are, individually and personally, linked to the fundamental ideals of the Republic, idealized by the Founding Fathers and expressed in the Constitution. Consequently, a presidential assassination mandates not only criminal investigation, but also creates the requirement for a national inquest to define the political and constitutional implications of such a crime. No stone can be left unturned, no clue overlooked, and no possibility ignored in the investigation of a presidential assassination.

It has been over thirty years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) and there still remain many significant and disturbing questions among a notable portion of the population, regarding the how and why of his death. The sheer volume of these strange coincidences and connections has led some parties to suggest many different answers to the Kennedy case. For every powerful group or figure with something to gain from Kennedy’s death, there is a theorist ready to explain how that group arranged the murder.

As additional conflicting information is made available, it becomes harder to decipher what actually happened in Dealey Plaza on November , 16; however, at the same time, it is becoming clearer that the shooter did not act alone. Based on acoustical evidence, it has now been proven (with 6.% certainty) that four shots were fired at JFK, three from behind, and one from the right-front of the Presidents limo. As we attempt to assemble the pieces of this puzzle into some logical conclusions, it appears that the assassination was the result of a conspiracy involving the Mafia. Although organized crime was not involved on a national level, local Mafia members (mostly from Chicago and New Orleans) probably played some part in the assassination, and may even be ultimately responsible. However, the covering up of vital information relating to the assassination appears to have involved Robert Kennedy, several government agencies, the media, and others. One reason for the cover up was national security, but perhaps the main reason was to shield the public from the embarrassing, immoral,and illegal actions of our government agencies and leaders (including the Kennedys).

As one delves deeper into the inner workings of our government institutions, it is amazing to discover that the CIA was working with the Mafia and exiled Cubans to overthrow Castos government, and that the Kennedys had actually planned to assassinate Castro, using Mafia killers. Back in 160, Joseph Kennedy enlisted the help of the Chicago Mafia to help JFK win the presidential election. JFKs extra marital affairs with Marilyn Monroe, Judith Exner, and others were also disappointing revelations, especially since Exner was also Sam Giancanas mistress. Many of the players and suspects in the investigation were government operatives and informants who also had mob connections, and vice versa, making it difficult to determine who was loyal to what organization. In short, everybody involved in the fiasco had something to hide, so they all mutually agreed not to reveal the sordid details, and furthermore, to eliminate anyone who might.

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Mobsters such as Charles Nicoletti, Johnny Roselli, and Sam Giancana, of the Chicago family, were all brutally murdered during the mid-170s. In addition to the Chicago killers, Carlos Marcello (New Orleans) and Santo Trafficante, Jr. (Tampa) were named by Mafia Godfather Joe Bonanno as being involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. According to Bonannos understanding of the plan, Giancana ordered the hit on JFK, and shooters were positioned at three locations in Dealey Plaza on the grassy knoll, in the sewer on Elm Street, and in the Texas School Book Depository. Roselli was the man in the sewer, while contract and/or pro-Cuba assassins were stationed at the other locations. Although there are some inconsistencies regarding the exact details, it is very probable that the Chicago Mafia is responsible for JFKs assassination, and that Johnny Roselli fired the fatal head shot from the grassy knoll or the storm drain.

An entry wound below the shoulder would explain the shirt and jacket holes being about six inches below the top of the collar. It would also serve to explain the autopsy sketch showing a wound well below the collar line. And it would explain the Secret Service testimony that it was six inches below the collar. The supposition that the bullet also fell out of Kennedy’s back accounts for the bullet found on the stretcher. The tiny bone fragment accounts for the small throat wound. Also, a bone fragment would explain the absence of metallic traces on the holes in the front of the shirt. By describing that Kennedy and Governor Connally were hit by separate bullets, leads to a multiple-assassin theory.

Films of the assassination show that a maximum of only 1.8 seconds could have elapsed between the earliest point at which Kennedy was first hit and the latest point at which Governor Connally was first hit. Since the bolt of the murder rifle cannot be operated in less than . seconds, it could not possibly have been fired twice during the time in which both men were hit. That means that there were at least two different assassins.

If the F.B.I autopsy report is accurate, then the Commission’s autopsy findings had to be purposely falsified. The implications of this are almost too disturbing to imagine. Yet, the fact that the autopsy surgeon, Commander Humes, burned “certain preliminary notes” has given rise to the theory that the “preliminary notes” actually contained the earlier version of the autopsy referred to by the F.B.I. This question is unresolved.

The motive of the Chicago Mafia to kill Kennedy was because of his public crusade against organized crime. On one hand, JFK used the mob to win the election and to do his dirty work, but on the other hand, he employed Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General to prosecute the Mafias leaders. A dangerous situation, to say the least! Although the Chicago Mafia was responsible for ordering the hit on JFK, it is still unclear whether they were influenced or assisted by members of the CIA or some other government agency. I feel that the truth about the Kennedy assassination will never be fully revealed for the fear of incriminating a large part of our political society. It is my opinion that the truth will continue to be a mystery for many years to come.

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