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The sun was just rising as Horace Darling pulled into the parking lot of the MI4 building in Chester. Horace walked to the lift and pressed his index finger on the thumb-pad.

“Do you wish to enter?” rang out a shrill computer voice.

“Duh! Of course I wish to enter,” replied Horace in a sarcastic tone of voice. The doors of the lift hissed open and Horace stepped in.

“The director wants to see you, Horace,” said the receptionist. Horace stepped into the main office and came face-to-face with a ‘hi-fi’ unit. He pressed ‘Play’ and proceeded to sit down on the not too clean floor. “Good morning, agent 04. Your mission, if you wish to accept, is to find a juvenile delinquent by the name of Harry Plodder. He has used ‘magic’ to wreak havoc upon York city. Report to F to get your equipment.”

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At the end of the message, Horace stood and exited the office. He headed in the direction of the weapons lab. Upon reaching it, he found a sign saying, “F has been sacked. Grab whatever you want, except the Aston Martin V1 Vanquish, and go.” Horace entered the lab and found a mess. Through the piles of debris, he found an air gun, a ‘Casio’ watch and a set of keys for an old ‘Mini-Cooper’.

Back in the parking lot, Horace found the Mini. After a few failed attempts to start the engine, Horace got out and started to push the lame excuse for a car. He pushed and pushed until, surprisingly, he reached York.

Agent 04 of MI4 drove around York taking in the sights until he remembered what he was doing there. Reaching an internet caf�, Horace started search for a Harry Plodder using the internet. After ‘Google.com’ searched for 0.4 seconds, information started to spurt out. “Harry Plodder. Age 57; hair colour orange; eye colour grey; current location behind you,” showed the computer.

“Interesting info,” thought Horace. He looked behind himself and saw three boys. One had the name ‘Mr. Plodder’ taped to his forehead. The other two were floating in the air. “Wingardium Blend!” screamed the boy with the wand. The two floating boys appeared to descend into a whirlpool and blend together.

“You with the wand! Put it down now! I have a gun. Okay, okay, it’s an air gun. But, imagine it’s a gun okay,” shouted Horace.

The boy responded, “Never! You killed my mother!”

“No, I am your mother. Wait! Your father. No, I’m your seventy-second cousin on your father’s side. Just put the wand down,” replied Horace.

“Sure. No problem,” said the boy tossing the wand at Horace.

“What? No fight. Nothing? Why? Aren’t you going to try to run or something?” asked Horace looking dumbfounded.

“Nope. You see, no one actually asked me to stop; so I never did,” replied Harry shrugging.

“Well, I’ll take this wand and be off then. And remember, drugs are bad for you,” said Horace while picking up the wand.

With the investigation finished, our hero began to push his ‘Mini-Cooper’ back to Chester.

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