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“A Time I Took a Chance on a Big Decision”


A decision that would change my point of view of life completly.Sunndenly

as I was walking on a bright and sunny day but if it was a good decision or

Cheap University Papers on A time i took a chance

bad one, is up to you to find out.Take a chance on this.

“Hi”, said Emillia “what are you doing tomorrow?because my friends and I

are going to a club for thirteen year olds to eighteen year old. I can get you a

fake pass if you want to go. Do you want to come.

“I’ll think about it.” I said knowing that there is no way in the world that

either of my parents were going to let me go to that club. There was just no


They would tell me in a heart beat that I could not go.

“Mom and dad,” I said, about to ask a question that I already knew the


were to, “can I go to a club for thirteen year olds and eighteen year olds?

“No,” they said even before I got to finish my sentence.

A decision that I contemplated on for an eternity decision that would

effect my social life and my personal life with my parents.It was mandatory

that I accumulated the decision A.S.A.P., because the day that Emillia and

her friends were going to the club was today.

Was I going to lose, my friends, or was I going to lose my trust in my

parents?What was I going to do could just stay home and lie to my friend

Emillia or I could go and lie to my parents.My choices were out of good and

bad, righteousness and wickedness,ying and yang.So what was I going to

do will tell you what I was going to dol. was going to make the right

decision,and not go to the club.There’s so many reasons to stay home and

so many reasons not to go.Such as the club being raided by the police,or

someone the club, who works there, finding out my true age,(which at the

time was eleven and my friend Emillia fourteen.) or my parents calling and

me not being there to answer it.Then they were probably(most likely)going to

worked up and call the police department to file a missing report on me.Th-

ey could also file a report on me if I was not there and they came home

early.Then I know for sure that I would be in big double trouble.So you see?

Those are the reasons for me not to go.Those are the reasons that I laid in

the bed that night and pondered on the reasons why I should or should not

go to the club.I finally came to the conclusion of what I was going to do.I

was, was,was......even with all the reasons that I had to stay home,I was not.

I was going to try to sneak out and go to the club.I wondered,as my stomach

turned and churned petrified fear and nervousness,how I was going to do

this.My stomach twisted and turned out of shear nervousness.I could not

believe it!I was really going to try and do this!I was really going to try and

sneak out of the house!

A little while later Emillia knocked on my door.I purposely left my

cell-phone and purse in my couch at home.While we were at the gas station,

I told Emillia’s eldest sister that I left my cell phone and purse so she could

go back home and get it.When we go there, as soon as I opened the door,

the phone rang.It was my father and he told me that he would have to come

home early.He also said that he would be there in about thirty minutes was

so happy.I thought that was the best thing to ear in all my eleven years.That

would give me just enough time to take my bath,do homework,and to eat.

I did every thing I had to do and still had time to watch a little television.

When I turned no the television set to channel four, the news was on and

guess what I saw?I saw the club(club skittles)on the television.The police

did raid the club for illegal drugs in a club to children under illegal age.I was

so happy that I did not go or I would have been a kid with no hide part.I

made a promise to myself that that would be the last time that I ever doe

some thing that bad as that again in my whole life.

Epilogue part II

“A Choice I’ve Made.”

In my life time there are many choices I have made and in my lifetime there are

so many things I gave and in my lifetime there is so much pain even more in my

lifetime there is knowledge I’ve to gain,but there are so many things in my life are

unfair and though in life it seems like no one cares.One person in my whole life time

who can wipe away my nightmares, that’s what I thought,who can make a smile so

wide that there’s nothing it can’t hide.That’s what I thought.One person that loves

me I’m sure,I thought,and will help me in my decision,I thought.This person you

might know and in this person you might grow.If there was a problem, I

thought,most of the time that he would solve them.Such a good man,I thought,can

turn so bad.You never what he did could happen. So much stuff. How did it even

happen? What was going on through his mind? Why’d he Why’d he? No, no, no!

It’s not true! It;s just not true! I can never! How can I!!!!!!

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