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The poem, “When Roses Cease to Bloom, Sir“, written by Emily Dickinson is a true piece of literature that inspires the reader to acknowledge the author’s feelings towards summer’s death and autumn’s birth. The author of this poem, being one of the most admired poets of today, uses as a very unique diction and syntax to contribute to the meaning of her poem.

Dickinson’s diction and syntax truly develop to the meaning of the poem, which is nature’s death and birth. Her diction, or style of writing, is used to emphasize the reader to concentrate on phrases or words that bring out her point of view in this infinite cycle of nature. For instance, Dickinson capitalizes certain nouns. The nouns justify nature, which further explain the meaning of the poem. She writes, “…Passed beyond the Sun,” and “…Will idle lie-in Auburn”, were she includes a capitalization on “Sun” and “Auburn“. Because she capitalizes common nouns, she easily confirmed how life changes from a green summer to a dry autumn. Additionally, the nouns control the images and even the action of the poem as well. Specifically, Dickinson begins the movement of the poem at ground level with “Flowers”, “Roses”, and “Violets” and the movement moves upward, lifted by the “solemn” flight of the “Bumblebees” towards its final destination of the sun. Again, one can notice the capitalization on these common nouns. Dickinson also uses specific nouns that were used with a different meaning, such as the color “Auburn.” The true meaning is a reddish brown color, but it is used to express the season autumn.

Nevertheless, Dickinson’s syntax in her poem is very advanced. The sentence structure makes her poem’s meaning very difficult to understand. The reader has to recognize the poem is a complex sentence that parallels or adds to the complexity of the poem. The poem’s sentence is extended and includes subordinating conjunctions and coordinating conjunctions. This complexity is used to emphasize the reader to comprehend Dickinson’s feelings within her words. For example,

“The hand that paused to gather

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Upon this Summer’s day

Will idle lie-in Auburn-

Then take my flowers-pray!”

This proves to one that the complication in the sentence stresses the feelings of the author. It was purposely done to add tenor and drama to the meaning of the poem. This verse also contains two infinitives. The infinitives are “to bloom” and “to gather’ and they create a thematic separation with the intention to further prove nature’s cycle and bring out the meaning of the poem which is, in other words, summer once “bloomed” but it is now “gathered” up so autumn can arrive. Yet, summer will always be expected to come back.

As a human-being, one doesn’t stop and realize the importance of nature and its eternal cycle. Although, Emily Dickinson, having a typical life full of joyful and depressing times just like any other individual, was fortunate enough to appreciate this something so special. She even paused and wrote the most perfect poem for this occasion and, although she never expected, we were able to experience too her outlook in nature’s changes through her piece of literature.

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