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A theme in the book was it doesn’t matter what side of the city you grow up on, it only matters how you act meaning that just because you’re friends are like something doesn’t mean you have mimic them. The vital part is who YOU are not who you’re friends are. An example for this theme is Ponyboy. He lives on the east side with the Greasers and he is a Greaser except he doesn’t do everything the Greasers do. Another theme is telling us that there is apparently always two sides to the story. Like the way the Greasers thought the Socs were all mean, cold-hearted rich reckless kids and that they’re life is perfect. The Socs basically think the same except that they think that since they’re poor they get to do anything they want. Ponyboy and Cherry were stunned when they heard the other contempt side.The lesson of “The outsiders.” Is that there is still good in the world. I might use this when I’m feeling in the dumps. The theme of The Outsiders was to stay gold. “Stay Gold” means one thing. In the book, Johnny told Ponyboy to stay gold. The point of the message was that you don’t have to be a hood to be respected by your gang. You can be yourself. You don’t have to be bad, you can be good. The message of The Outsiders is that looks and wealth have no impact on how good a person you are. The saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” really applies here. Who you are doesn’t depend on the amount of materialistic things you have. Be your own person. The Greasers, for the most part, were kind to each other, but if you saw them out in public what would you think? Most likely, people will want to try to ignore them and try not to get involved. This book was like a cry for help from the rebel- looking crowd, showing hardships people face from the cruelty of materialistic people and things. The Message of the book is that besides family friends are the closest to you and know you the best. What this means to me is to stay friends with your friends always trust them and help each other while growing up. Ponyboy and Johnny do this all through the book. If you have a friend like Johnny or Ponyboy that is a treasure and don’t lose it. The message that I got out of the book was to be you. If you get caught up in the with stuff that doesn’t matter you wont get to were you want to go in life. To stay gold is to stay the way you are and not let anybody tell you how to live. But the strongest message is to have good friend and live you r but live it the right way.

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