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Like any other subjects, Philosophy of the Human Person has its own importance. But what is really the significance of this subject that we should take it seriously and not regard it simply as a part of the curriculum? What’s in it that makes it equally important with the major subjects?

For me, I think that this subject is really important and must be a concern to everyone since it is about us humans. It would teach us how to achieve humanness. At the same time it would reveal to us the vulnerability of man to become inhuman. It would also be a great help of knowing how to live our lives, how to deal with the things that would come our way. It would make us understand some things in the world we live in. Maybe it can provide answers to some questions we’ve been asking ourselves and eventually be able to find our true identity. I also think that it would make me understand more the meaning of words such as life, love, morality and freedom which are not just mere words.

I guess this subject would be a help too in widening my thinking. I would be gaining more knowledge since I would be exposed to different views from different people.

I think that this subject is really worth taking because it’s not just about them, about other people, but most importantly about me. Studying it then would me unlocking and discovering a part of me.There are many images of the Church that we already know. In the Scripture,

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the Church was presented to us as the mustard seed, the vineyard of God, the hidden

treasure, the leaven and many more. Such images were used because going back to

the biblical past the leaven and the mustard were of major use. In the modern sense what would be our image of the Church?

For our group, we chose bridge to represent the Church. A bridge connects one

two places, just like the Church which connects us to God. Its like that we are on one end

and God at the other end. To get there, the Church helps us. It serves as an intermediary

to knowing God and Jesus.

The architect of this bridge is God Himself, the one who built is Jesus and the

one who lights the way is the Holy Spirit. The one who decides to pass the bridge are the

members of the Church. Along the way they are guided by the Spirit.

In our work, you could see that the pictures there includes all kinds of people --- rich, poor,

young, old. We want to show that this bridge is open for all. There are no qualifications in order

to be a member of the Church, you need not pay any membership fee.

You could also notice that in the picture, they are headed by a priest. Just like in the Church,

the priest are the ones who guides the followers. They are like the apostles who

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