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From long long times ago, novels have talked about love. Sometimes, it was easy, but unrealistic. Sometimes, it explained details about love, but it was hard and so various for me. However, from novel gLes Miserableh by victory Hugo, I could get some idea of love.

Jean Valjean is arrested by police, because he stole some bread. Hefs lived nineteen years for that, but he didnft reflect himself. Actually, in his situation, he has nowhere to go; because everyone thought him as a beggar. However, when he went to a church, a bishop warmly welcomed him. He gives a good food, and a very nice bed to sleep to Jean Valjean. It was incredibly nice to Jean Valjean, but when he woke up in the middle of night, he stole bishopfs silver-candlestick, and silver spoons.

Actually, in this situation, if I was bishop, I never could forgive him. Jean Valjean didnft give anything to bishop, but bishop gave him a lot. However, he even stole the bishopfs stuff after that. Hefs arrested again by police, and came back in front of bishop. In front of bishop, polices asked him whether Jean Valjean stole the candlestick or not. Jean Valjean couldnft watch bishopfs face. However, bishop said that he gave it to him, and Jean Valjean was innocent.

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I think the bishop had a condition to say that. It was an appointment for being new person. In fact, this appointment just change him different person, and bishopfs appointment finally makes chain of love. He grows Cosette, who is poor Fantinefs daughter.

The thing to help another person is not so big deal. But in the view of poor people; like French title gLes Miserableh, can be big help. As we saw in the novel Les Miserable, the form of love can make chain by giving the love to another person. Actually I got a love from my parents, and my parents said to me that they also got it from their parents. I may give same form of love to someone. Itfs continuing, so love is infinity. Les Miserable give me an idea of love in real life. Love is infinity, but the form is undefined. From now on, Ifll say definition of love like this, gLove is undefined infinity.h

Les Miserable

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