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Like Water for Chocolate

“Like Water for Chocolate” is a film about Tita, the youngest of sisters. Tita is forbidden to marry because of a longstanding family tradition. According to tradition, the youngest daughter is required to care for their mother until the day she dies. Tita, at first, accepts her fate until she falls in love with a man named Pedro. Tita rebels against her mother in hopes to be granted permission to marry Pedro. Her mother forbids it. Instead, her mother offers Rosita’s hand in marriage, Tita’s sister. Pedro accepts because he believes at least this way he will be able to live on the family ranch and be close to Tita, his true love. The rest of the story reveals Tita’s torment by the situation. Everyone on the ranch is aware of the love between Pedro and Tita. They must be careful showing their affection for one another. One way Tita expresses her emotions is through the seemingly magical food she prepares for the family.

In one scene Tita’s mother demands Tita be responsible for baking the cake for Rosita and Pedro’s wedding. While mixing the batter Tita cries and her tears fall into the mix. Then when the wedding party and guests eat the cake they burst into uncontrollable tears and begin vomiting. They feel the same sorrow and sickness as Tita. In a later scene Tita prepares a dinner using pedals from roses that were given to her by Pedro. When the family eats the meal they all become hot and sensual, except for Pedro’s wife who becomes ill. This is how Tita reaches out to Pedro, expressing her deepest desires. The director of the film also uses music in this scene to express the poetic nature of the food. After this Tita’s mother becomes even crueler.

In the years that follow Tita is treated more as a servant than as a daughter. She is forced to cook, clean, iron, and serve her mother has she sees fit. She is not shown any love from her mother and she feels that she will never be alone with her true love. Eventually this pressure drives her mad and she runs and hides in the dove cove. Her mother orders the ladder to be removed so she will be trapped. Like a bird in a cage, Tita was caged on the ranch. She was not well after this incident and was sent to stay with a doctor to help her become well again. With the help and patience of the doctor, Tita regained her senses. The doctor who had cared for her had fallen in love with her and he asked for her hand in marriage. Tita, believing she would never be with her true love, accepted and promised she would never return to the ranch. However, her promise would not be kept for long.

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A band of rebels attacked the ranch and killed Tita’s mother. Tita returned to burry her mother and to care for the ranch. There, she was back in the same difficult situation that previously tore at her emotions. Once again she was near her true love but could not express her love because he was married to her sister. On top of that, she was now engaged to another man. Her turmoil was heightened even further when she and Pedro slipped into hiding and made love. After this several events led to a dramatic conclusion.

Tita’s sister Rosita, Pedro’s wife, dies due to complications with her digestive system. Tita also broke off her engagement with the doctor, confessed her love for Pedro. The doctor, realizing he could never have Tita as his wife, let her go. Now, with her mother and her sister passed away, and the doctor gone, Tita and Pedro are alone together at last. Pedro takes Tita to a room lit by hundreds of candles. For the first time they can be intimate with each other without hiding in the shadows. At the peak of Pedro’s sexual experience, when he feels most complete, all of his emotions are experienced at the same time. Just as the doctor had once told Tita, all of the matches inside Pedro were lit at once and then Pedro died. Tita then takes her own life by ingesting a book of matches so she can continue to be with him. The lovers reunite in eternity.

The film places a great symbolic nature on food. All throughout the film, food is used to express the emotions of the characters. Tita’s great-niece who is reading from an old family cookbook is actually telling the story. Novel from which the film is based is set up like a cookbook. It offers 1 recipes, one for each month of the year. It was from this book that I found the meaning of the title “Like Water for Chocolate.” The author of the book offers a recipe for making hot chocolate

Heat a square of chocolate in water. When the water comes to a boil for the first time, remove it from the heat, and dissolve the chocolate completely; beat with a chocolate?mill until it is smoothly blended with the water. Return the pan to the stove. When it comes to a boil again and starts to boil over, remove it from the heat. Put it back on the heat and bring to a boil a third time. Remove from the heat and beat the chocolate. Pour half into a pitcher and beat the rest of it some more. Then serve it all, leaving the top covered with foam. Hot chocolate can also be made using milk instead of water, but in this case, it should only be brought to a boil once, and the second time its heated it should be beaten so it doesnt get too thick. However, hot chocolate made with water is more digestible than that made with milk.

Tita is like the “water” for chocolate. She simmers on a burner at the ranch only to be beaten down by her mother. Then she simmers some more and her mother beats her down again. However, this process only makes her sweet and ever more desirable for her one true love.

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