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After two centuries it is quite common for a literary works message to become outdated and forgotten. Few works can surpass the

longevity of Desiderata. Discovered carved into the wall of a church, its author has long been forgotten. However, his messages have

managed to pass the test of time. He states that people should not judge one another, because it causes vanity and bitterness. The author also

goes on to say we should be at peace with God. He acknowledges that we may all have a different god and that is ok. And lastly he tells us to

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pass by the noise and confusion of every day life and find peace and quiet. These lessons were all carved into a wall in the 1th century. Its

lessons on the danger of vanity, preservation of spirit, and value of silence still have their place in a 1st century society.

In todays society we judge we often judge one another. The author states, If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and

bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. When I see this I think of the underlying point; do not judge people. I

know I have judged people before on various things. I often judge peoples interests, style, intelligience, and personality. I know what I am is

pointless. However, in todays society is very hard to escape the pressures of placing people in different classes. I think that I do it because I

dont want to feel like just one of the crowd. I want people to see me and know I am different from the others. I also want that difference to be a

good one. This causes me to judge people harshly and put myself over them.

Religion is a heated topic. Everyone has their different beliefs. In our world today hatred and violence are often caused by differences in

religion. The author acknowledges that people have different gods when he says, Therfore be at peace with God,w hatever you conceive Him to

be. I take this to mean that people should have a personal relationship with their own god. A relationship that is not open to influence form other

people seeking power and wealth. I feel that there is a supreme being. However, I am not comfortable with having someone telling me how I

should show my loyalty to my God. I want a personal relationship with my God. This seperates me from historical religous prejudices and

corruption. My beliefs allow me to accept that others have different ideas on religion.

In the non-stop bustling world we live in today it is very hard to find time for peace and quiet. After school we go off with our friends, go to

the movies, parties, and concerts. We laugh, talk, and generally have a good time. However, I often wonder if we have lost touch with ourselves.

Can we no longer enjoy the simpler things in life. We have become fully accustomed to driving in the fast lane. I have always taken the time to

have peace and quiet. I feel I can work out my problems better when I am alone in quiet. I enjoy the time I spend in the peace and quiet because

know how rarely I get to escape the chaos of everyday life.

As I think about our world today I take note of the problems sorrounding me. One problem that has drastically effected my life and the life

of every American is September 11, 001. The world now is full of fear and hatred. Wars in the middle east wage on even though we say things

like major combat operations are over. People are still dying, and with every death more hatred is spread. If our anonymous author was alive to

day he could tell us how to stop this neverending cycle. Unfortunately he has passes, but he wrote it down before he did. The solution is scattered

throughout Desiderata. If society was able to stop judging people and remove the different castes we put people in it would help tremendously

in uniting the country. We need the country to come closer together. People no longer trust each other. Blacks and whites seperate themselves.

Arabs and pretty much everyone seperate themselves. We need to unite and heal our wounds together. Another problem in our world today is

the conlficts caused by religion. Muslims attack Jews in Isreal, and Jews attack Muslims in Palestine. Catholics and Protestants clash in Ireland.

It has been the cause of many wars throughout history, but it could have all been avoided. The author acknowledges that people may have their

own God. If everyone had a personal relationship with God than we would all be members of a different religion. We would not be subject to the

prejudices of todays churches. We would accept other peoples views and respect them for it. Furthermore, members of society should take the

time to escape it all and find peace and solitude. Get away from the noise and confusion and escape to solitude. There society could really

reflect on themselves. See what is wrong with them and think of solutions to their own problems. Society could be much better but it takes a little

time and effort.

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